The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024

The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024

Migration is one of the most important decisions in the life of every person that may be involved in it at different ages. There are various motivations and reasons for migration. Also, there are different types of immigration, such as educational immigration, job immigration, marriage immigration, investment immigration, etc., but regardless of the motivation and reason for immigration, it is not easy to immigrate to any country and it often requires difficult conditions and complex measures, especially these conditions. For Iranians, it has additional complexity and difficulty. Hence in this article from How We intend to introduce the easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to.

What are the countries that accept immigrants?

Many countries are available to attract foreign nationals and apply for immigration, each of which has its own rules for accepting immigrants. In the meantime, some countries like Switzerland have strict rules for attracting immigrants, and it is not easy for people to get admission and visa, and even in most cases their application is so-called rejected or rejected. In 2024, the countries of Canada, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Spain, America, Austria and Sweden are relatively more popular destinations for Iranians.

The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024

What does the easiest country for immigration mean?

Countries have different laws to attract foreigners, some countries are so-called more accepting of immigrants and grant residence and visa to people with less strictness. For example, Germany and Canada are two countries that attract more international immigrants from different countries every year.

In contrast, countries like Switzerland, Kuwait, Japan, which are developed countries, have more strict rules. These countries even grant temporary and recreational visas to tourists very hard.

Among the countries that accept immigration, Canada and Australia have provided easier conditions for educational immigration. Turkey and Spain have simpler processes for immigration through investment, and the countries of Germany and the UAE have provided easier conditions for immigration through work than other countries.

In Adame, we will introduce the types of immigration to the countries accepting immigrants in 2023.

How many types of immigration do we have and which type of method is more favorable?

In general, there are 7 main methods for immigration, and according to the goal, budget and needs of each person, one of these types of immigration can be a more convenient and better option. The 7 migration methods are as follows:

  • Immigration through work
  • Migration through education
  • Migration through investment
  • Immigration through marriage
  • Immigration by birth
  • Immigration of special and successful people
  • Migration through asylum
The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024

What are the easiest destinations for Iranians to emigrate to?

There are many things for you to be able to migrate easily, and they are determined depending on the type of facilities, capabilities and your goal, for example, complete mastery of the English language, the type of field and degree and your grades, your expertise and work experience, the amount of budget and Your property, being an entrepreneur and the owner of an idea affects the type of immigration and the country you want to apply for, as well as the ease of your immigration process. If you are the owner of a successful business in Iran or you are looking to create a startup in another country, or if you have skills and expertise through which you are looking to accept a job offer, the countries of Canada, Germany, Singapore and the UAE can be suitable options for your immigration. to be

Other countries that seem convenient and easy for Iranians to immigrate to are immigration through education in Austria, Canada, Germany and England.

The easiest country to live in by buying property

Buying property abroad is one of the easiest ways to immigrate. Buying property, which is considered as a sub-set of accommodation through investment. The fastest and easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate through buying property are Turkey and Spain.

In Spain, you can immigrate to this country with a budget of 350,000 to 500,000 euros. Usually the duration of the process Buying property in Spain It will be about 3 months, so the person can start the investment process in Spain with a temporary visa. In Turkey, you can immigrate to this country by renting or buying a property, the process of this type of immigration is easy and fast, but obtaining Turkish residence and passport is subject to conditions.

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The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024

The easiest country for people to immigrate without needing a language certificate

Some countries do not act strictly against the acceptance of immigrants without restrictions on grades and language certificates. Usually, there is less sensitivity and strictness for applicants in the method of immigration through investment. The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to without a language certificate are Spain, Dominica, Canada, and Turkey, which you can apply for by buying property or creating a startup.

Where is the best country to invest?

Some countries provide immigrants with the possibility of immigration and residence through investment. Please note that in order to choose a country for investment, factors such as the minimum cost for investment, the security of the destination country for investment, the facilities provided, the amount of investment profit and the conditions for obtaining residence from Check this way. According to the mentioned factors, the most comfortable countries are Turkey, Spain, Canada, Australia, Portugal and Austria.

Where is the best country for study migration?

In educational immigration, you must consider important factors and aspects, because the conditions of universities and colleges and the validity of their degrees are very different. For example, the ranking of the university, the validity of the university degree for working in the same country and other countries, the quality of the education system in your desired field of study and the tuition fees, student living expenses, the possibility of student work, etc. are very important issues that must be considered before applying. And consider their academic admission. According to the latest census of Iranian students in foreign countries, the best country for Iranians to study is as follows:

  • United States of America
  • Türkiye
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Canada

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The easiest countries for Iranians to immigrate to in 2024


Canada, America, Germany, England, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Austria, Turkey, UAE and Oman are among the countries that have easier acceptance processes for Iranians according to their type of immigration.

It may not be an exaggeration to say that Canada is the most popular immigration destination for most Iranians. Statistics and reports also show that Canada has always been among the three countries chosen by Iranians for immigration in recent years, the easiest way to immigrate to Canada is first educational immigration and then job immigration. Likewise in the rest of the mentioned countries; There is no age limit for studying in English universities, low unemployment rate in Canada and the UAE, the possibility of free and affordable studies in German and Austrian universities, quick residence and getting a passport in a short time after investing in Spain and Turkey are some of the advantages that this It has made countries easier and easier for Iranians to migrate to.

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