Installing the new Farsi YouTube for Android and iPhone + activation training

YouTube is not just a social network for entertainment. Today, this online platform is like a school and university, and you can view and learn all kinds of training and tricks for free in this popular application. Also, YouTube is currently one of the most desirable sources of income for some users who are called YouTubers. You can earn money by recording educational, motivational and entertainment videos on this online platform, but regardless of the purpose of using this platform, you must first join this social network and create a user page, which requires installing and activating YouTube. It is on your mobile phone. So with this article from How Follow along and follow the step-by-step instructions for installing and activating YouTube.

Installing the new Farsi YouTube for Android and iPhone + activation training

How to install and activate YouTube on the phone

First of all, you must have a Gmail account so that you can create an account in the YouTube application or website. If you haven’t had a Gmail account yet or you don’t know how to create a Gmail account, you can do so through the article How to create email and Gmail Create a Gmail account.

Installing the new YouTube on Android and iOS phones

Installing and activating the YouTube application on Android and iOS mobile phones is similar and is possible through two methods.

The first method: You can do it through the browser of your mobile phone, just search the YouTube address in the search section of your phone browser and enter the site. Note that due to the filtering of the YouTube site in Iran, to enter this site, you must first turn on your filter breaker. After entering the YouTube site, you will see the YouTube message at the top of your browser, which tells you to install the application for better use of YouTube, and just tap on it to download the version compatible with your mobile phone. .

The second method: To install the YouTube application, you can refer to the Google Play or Play Store application on Android phones and the App Store application on iPhone phones and search for the name of YouTube and then download and install it.

Be careful, in order to run the YouTube application on your mobile phone, your filter breaker needs to be turned on.

After downloading the application and installing it through one of the two methods above, you can use YouTube in two ways.

After running the program, you will see such a page. If you have Gmail, enter your Gmail information by clicking on Sing in with Google, so that you can use the program, but otherwise, click on the Use YouTube signed out option, so that the videos will be displayed for you. In this case, you can view the videos of this application, but it is not possible to save, like and leave comments. For this, it is enough to enter your Gmail information to enter YouTube.

Installing the new Farsi YouTube for Android and iPhone + activation training

Installing the new Farsi YouTube

After activating and running the YouTube app, go to settings and do the following steps:

  • Go to the General section.
  • Select App language.
  • In the opened pop-up, select Persian language.

By following the steps above, it’s that easy Farsi YouTube is activated for

You should pay attention to the fact that if you like a video on YouTube, you cannot save it on your mobile phone. download from YouTube You should use online tools for this.

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