How to service the water cooler ourselves

How to service the water cooler ourselves

With the start of the summer season Water cooler service It is a common concern among all people. But how should the water cooler be serviced? Can you do this yourself?

If you are also looking for a way to service water coolers, join us in this How be with In this article, we have guided you step by step to service water coolers. With the information you get from this article, air conditioner service will become an easy matter for you.

Do we have to get help from a service worker for the water cooler service?

Usually, specialists and experts accompany your company for the initial installation of the cooler. Because the initial installation of the cooler must be done according to standards that only professionals can handle.

How to service the water cooler ourselves

But you will not need an expert to set up and service the water cooler. Do it yourself and start your cooler with the information we provide you in this article.

It should be noted that technical repairs of air conditioners are specialized work that should be left to experts. Therefore, if your cooler is facing a technical problem, do not fix it and ask for help from experts in this field.

Why do water coolers need service?

Over time, the performance of all the appliances you use at home will decrease. Water coolers are no exception to this rule. If you are looking for a solution to extend the life of your coolers, service them annually.

Of course, the annual service of coolers not only increases their lifespan, but also makes them work better. Therefore, its ability to cool will be better and more. It is interesting to know that by servicing the coolers, you will also save on water and electricity consumption.

When should we service the water cooler?

Everyone is concerned about water cooler service before the start of the hot season. Therefore, the beginning of spring is considered the best time for water cooler service.

But the cooler service should not stop you from checking this device. We recommend that you check your water coolers once every two weeks. Sometimes this glance is enough. But sometimes you face a problem that you need to fix as soon as possible.

For example, the timing belt of the cooler may break for any reason. In this case, serious damage is waiting for your cooler dynamo, which will disable your cooler in a short time. Also, take oiling of your cooler seriously every three months.

How to service the water cooler?

Have you ever serviced water coolers? If you have no experience in this matter, stay with us. We will be with you step by step in the way of water cooler service.

How to service the water cooler ourselves

The first step in water cooler service

Before going to your air conditioner, you must open the air conditioner valves at home. We recommend that you place wet wipes in front of each of the vents. In this way, after turning on the air conditioner, the dust in the air conditioner channel does not spread in the house.

Then check the on and off switches of the cooler. Make sure the air conditioner is turned off. Some water coolers are connected to the electrical outlet with two plugs; In this case, disconnect the two plugs from the outlet.

the second step; Checking the initial condition of the cooler

Now you have to go to your water cooler. First, check the condition of the cooler; Note that the cooler must be level. In this case, the float will work properly and there will be no problem for the cooler pump and dynamo.

Then check the body of the cooler with a phase meter to see if there is no electricity. For this, you can also touch the cooler with the back of your hand.

The third step; Go to cooler blades and covers

Now that you have gone through all the safety tips in the water cooler service, you must first separate the cooler blades from the main body. If the pads are worn, you should consider replacing them.

Have you not changed the cooler bags for a long time? You may say that there is no need to change the cover; But if you are looking for a better and more cooling of your home, take the effect of air conditioners seriously. For this reason, replace the cooler bags once every two years in your agenda.

In order to replace the covers, the old covers must first be opened from the blades. Then clean the body of the blades with a brush and remove all the deposits stuck to it.

In the next step, you need to put the new covers on the spokes and tie the wire nets to it. Of course, you have to wet the cloths first before anything else.

The fourth step; Washing the cooler

At this stage, you should wash the cooler well and remove sediment. For this purpose, all the following must be cleaned:

  • cooler columns and floors;
  • net under the water pump in order to easily enter the water into the pump;
  • A spiral tank to prevent dust from moving inside the house;
  • fan cooler

Note that it is not possible to wash all snail tanks. Only those snails that have a hole for water to exit can be washed.

Note that during washing, open the floor outlet of the cooler so that the dirty water can be removed from it. Then check all the screws of the cooler and make sure they are tight. Finally, close the bottom cap of the cooler and fill the cooler with water.

If you want to do the water cooler service in the best way, check that no water is dripping from the cooler.

How to service the water cooler ourselves

The fifth step; Checking the components of the cooler

Now that you have completed the initial steps, you should check each and every important and functional component of the cooler. Stay with us.

  1. dynamo: Alternator is one of the main components of water coolers. Therefore, this important component should be given importance in water cooler service. The alternator does the air circulation process and should be cleaned like the pump. After cleaning, lubricate the alternator well and finally check the connection of its cables.
  2. Cooler power distribution box: This box is located under the roof of the cooler, so you must make sure of its health before turning on the cooler. Note that the wires in this box should not be damaged or worn.
  3. Cooler belt: To control this section, you must first rotate the belt by hand and make sure that there is no obstacle to its rotation. While rotating the belt, check that all its parts are healthy and without tears.
How to service the water cooler ourselves

The sixth step; Cooler pump

The pump is another important and main component of water coolers. The pump in water coolers is responsible for water circulation. Therefore, you should check and clean all parts of the pump, including the water inlet of the pump, the transfer hose and the basket.

In general, there are two types of water pumps in the market; Pump with grooved pole motor and single coil stator and two cushions. Both pump models must be completely separated from the cooler and lubricated.

For this purpose, first open the screws holding the cooler pump that is connected to the body, and then disconnect the wires from the cooler terminal. It is better to take a picture of the terminal before disconnecting the wires so that you don’t run into problems when reconnecting.

The seventh step; Cooler lubrication

There are two ends of the central axis of the fan cooler bearings. If the bearings become loose or dry, the performance of the propellers will also suffer. For this reason, some water coolers produce abnormal sounds.

Therefore, you should take the bearings seriously when servicing the water cooler. For this purpose, first clean the bearings and then tighten them. At the end, lubricate the bearings.

Note that bearings should be lubricated once every two months. For this purpose, open the bearing cap and fill it with engine oil.

Do this until the oil flows from the bearings. After that, you have to turn the propeller or the fan shaft by hand. This action helps the oil to be absorbed well.

The eighth step; Water distribution system and cooler float adjustment

Water distribution or cooler window studs are responsible for wetting the bags. Therefore, you should check that there are no obstacles blocking the water distribution pipes. For this, use a thin spring.

Insert the spring into the pipes to remove the deposits inside the springs. In the next step, you should check the cooler float.

The float controls the amount of water entering the bottom of the cooler. If the float is not set, two situations occur:

  • Too much water enters the cooler: In this case, water will flow into the cooler.
  • The water collected in the pan is less than the standard: In case of such a problem, the water pump is pressurized. The towels will not get wet enough.

For this reason, you must ensure the proper functioning of the float. If the float does not work well, you must replace it. As we mentioned earlier, the alignment of the cooler helps the float function better.

The ninth step; Cooler tarp

The tarpaulin of the cooler is responsible for guiding the wind and is connected to the channels from the opening of the cooler. Usually, during water cooler service, this part is checked to make sure it is healthy and without tears. It is natural that if the tarpaulin is torn, all the activities of the cooler will be useless.

How to service the water cooler ourselves

The tenth step; Setting up a canopy to help the cooler

If your air conditioner is on the roof, it must be exposed to direct sunlight. In this case, sunlight leads to excessive evaporation of water and heating of the cooler air.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best performance from your water cooler, it is better to use a shade. Shades are usually made of plastic and cover the entire surface of the cooler. In this way, they protect the cooler from sunlight.

The last step of the water cooler service

Now that you have checked all parts of the water cooler, turn on the pump. If the water is well transferred to the fins, close the fins of the cooler.

If the process of wetting the cloths was done well, you have done your job well. Go home and enjoy the cool weather.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it possible to service the water cooler at home?

Yes, in this article, we have reviewed the complete servicing of the water cooler at home in eleven steps without the need for expert service.

When should we service the water cooler?

Most of them are concerned about the service of water coolers before the start of the hot season. Therefore, the beginning of spring is the best time for water cooler service.

Why should we service the water cooler?

The performance of household appliances decreases after a period of use, and air conditioners are no exception to this, so it is necessary to service your air conditioner to increase its lifespan.

How often should we service our water cooler?

It is better to service your water cooler every year to improve the performance of your water cooler before the start of the hot season.

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