How to pass the experimental exam

How to pass the experimental exam

Passing the experimental exam is one of the most enjoyable and at the same time the most difficult tasks that requires careful planning. For this, you have to plan very carefully and know what you are doing. Many of those who passed the experimental exam started studying two to three years before the exam and made a detailed plan for each day. Do you need to know when to study, when to review, when to test and when to summarize? So now, what should we do to pass the experimental exam?

Using the experience of others

The first step you should take before planning to pass the experimental entrance exam is to talk to people who have experienced success in the exam themselves and see what they did to achieve this success. How was their planning and what will they do if they read again and get accepted in the experimental entrance exam and what mistakes did they make in their planning that they will be removed? This is very important and you should pay attention to it, so that at least you don’t make these mistakes and move your education program more carefully than them. Well, the result of such planning is already known!

These are questions that you should follow and be sure that you can get good information from that person. But when I was talking to a person who passed the experimental exam and I asked him the same question, he gave me an answer that might be interesting for you.

  • He told me that if you want to get the best experimental rank, you must have up-to-date and standard exam resources.
  • He said that you should choose the best entrance exam consultant for yourself and take a test and measure your level of progress.

After talking with this person, I was in contact with a lot of counseling and I learned a lot from them that I would like to share with you.

Make good use of dead time

How to pass the experimental exam

Children! You may not believe it, but this small change will end up being very beneficial for you. You can liven up your men’s time with a few solutions and use them in the best possible way. You should know well that second by second the time you are in is very valuable. So come with me and I will tell you what you should do.

Guys, when you are on the bus, metro or anywhere else, instead of wasting your valuable time, contact experienced consultants who advise single-digit or even double-digit ranks of successful people in the experimental exam. Get these people’s plans out of their mouths. do you know that All these plans are useful for you. Even a small change can lead to your victory in the entrance exam. Just like this, you learned a hundred ways to plan and study methods to succeed in the experimental exam.

Well, now that you are familiar with the general work, be sure to include the things we are saying in your weekly planning.

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Practice and testing

You must know that entrance exam questions are conceptual. So make your studying style so that it can pass the tests. Do not forget to test and practice. Know that the more you practice than your competitors, the more you are ahead of them.

Besides testing, learn the basic techniques of testing. Don’t focus only on your practice and test and don’t learn the basics. Maybe this is more important than testing. Of course, we are not saying that you should not test! The test should be done, but how? Of the basic type! No, whatever you think is right. This is gambling with closed eyes! (Similarly, for planning, don’t make an elaborate plan for yourself. We said that you should definitely hang out with experienced people and don’t knock on this door and that door and don’t waste your time.) This is the most important secret. Passing the exam is an experience that you may not forget. So focus even on your smallest habit and change it if necessary to achieve success.

Get a private tutor

How to pass the experimental exam

Children, be sure to get a private tutor for your important subjects. For example, you know that biology is one of the subjects that you have to know very well and don’t just skip it. (Of course, not only biology, other subjects are also important, and even half of the other subjects should not be ignored. Because it plays very easily.) But who should we choose for this?

An experienced professor who has studied this field or a field close to biology in the university. Other than that, know that that person is not good for you. You want someone who has the experience of studying in this field and knows how to deal with his students and give the necessary training. In this case, I have to tell you something that usually professors who study in universities like Tehran University are more suitable for this job. You are asking for help from someone who has been successful in his own studies.

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Well, now that you have come this far and followed our article, something may have come to your mind while reading the text and it may be useful for your friends. From other strategies for studying to small points that you think should be followed in order to pass the experimental exam. If this is the case, we will be happy if you write us your opinion below this post and tell us what method you have used to succeed in the experimental exam so far?

Thank you for being our constant companion How you are

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