Free Rubika video call training (specially for Hajjaj).

Rubica’s video call is available to users in its latest version. You can use voice and video calls for free by installing the new Rubika. Since Rubica is a super application, this feature can be used in its messaging section. According to Rubica’s public relations announcement, all pilgrims to the House of God in this year’s Hajj 1402 can use Rubica’s audio and video calling capabilities in Saudi Arabia completely free of charge through internet roaming. Follow along to learn how to make a video call in Rubika.

Video and voice call in Rubika

1. First, you must download and install the latest version of the Rubik’s program. You can use the following links for this.

2. If you were already using Rubika, there is no problem and the program will be updated to the new version and continue the steps. If you are trying to install the Rubika program for the first time, go to the page Install Rubik’s ” See. To fully learn the installation steps according to the phone version.

3. Open the Rubik’s app and go to the messenger section.

Free Rubika video call training (specially for Hajjaj).

4. Find the contact you want to make a voice or video call with.

5. On the conversation page, click on the call icon from the top left.

Free Rubika video call training (specially for Hajjaj).

6. On the opened page, click on the option to start the video. Now you can make free video calls. If you don’t click on the start video option, your call will remain audio.

Free Rubika video call training (specially for Hajjaj).

Tips for making voice and video calls for pilgrims in Mecca

1. Voice and video calls are possible free of charge on the roaming of Irancell and Mobile first operators. You must use the SIM cards of these two operators.

2. Note that only the use of Rubica’s audio and video services and messenger is free.

3. Make sure your internet roaming is active before traveling. If you are not sure about this issue, you can be sure of this issue by visiting the offices of Irancell and Mobile First agencies or by contacting the operators of these two companies.

Irancell operator: dial 700 to communicate with the operator.

The first mobile operator: Dial 9990 to call the operator.

4. You can use these services in Mecca and Medina.


Due to the lack of filtering, Rubika’s voice and video calls are very fast, so you can establish a stable contact with your audience. If one of your close and distant relatives has made the pilgrimage to Hajj this year 1402, you can communicate with them completely free of charge using Rubica’s voice and video call services.

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