Step-by-step method of transferring Rytel charge

Step-by-step method of transferring Rytel charge

Transferring Raitel to Raitel charge is one of the features of Raitel SIM cards through which you can transfer part of your SIM card credit to another person. This feature will be very helpful when the person in question does not have the possibility to buy a recharge. If you are also a subscriber of Raitel SIM card and want to know about the method of transfer of Raitel charge, contact the team How Let's take a look at how to do this:

What is Rightel charge transfer?

One of the facilities that Raitel company has provided for its subscribers is the possibility of transferring charges from Raitel SIM card to other users of this operator. Through this feature, you can choose any amount of charge you want from among the allowed options and transfer it to other users. Please note that this feature is only available for subscribers who have a credit or data SIM card, and regular subscribers of Rightel cannot use this feature.

tip: The charge transfer fee from Rytel to Rytel is 500 rials per transaction. This amount will be deducted from the transferer's credit along with the transferred charge amount.

Rightel charge transfer method

Step-by-step method of transferring Rytel charge

If you want to learn how to transfer the Raitel charge, you must follow the following step-by-step guide:

first stage: You must use command code *#133 to transfer Raitel charge to Raitel. To do this, enter the dialer of your phone and press the call key after entering this command code:

second stage: After this, a pop-up menu will open for you, which has three options:

  • Credit transfer: Through this menu, you can easily send credits to other Rightel subscribers.
  • Account management: You can use this option to manage your account. Through this menu, you can change your password or disable the charge transfer service completely.
  • Transfer report: If you want to receive a report on the transfer of previous charges, you must proceed through this menu.

If you want to transfer credit to other subscribers, you must enter the number 1 on this page and click on the Send option.

third level: A new window will open, in which you must enter the credit recipient's license number in full and click Send to move to the next page.

Fourth step: Now you have to enter your desired amount between 10,000 Rials and 100,000 Rials and touch the Send button again.

The fifth step: If it is the first time you want to use the Rightel credit transfer service, you must set a four-digit password for yourself. Also note that this password should not contain repeated numbers such as 1111. In the next step, enter your password and click Send.

Final step: If you have followed all the steps correctly, the transfer of charge will be done successfully and the message of successful transfer will also be displayed for you. Also, you will be sent the amount of transferred charge as well as the remaining charge of your SIM card via SMS.

tip: You can use the Raitel charge transfer method only if you have at least 5,000 Rials of credit left after the transfer. Otherwise, the charge will not be transferred.

final word

If you are a Writel subscriber, it must have happened to you that your Writel friends have asked you to charge. In this how-to, we tried to quickly teach you the way to transfer the Raitel charge so that you can do this if needed. We hope you have benefited from this tutorial.

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