Buy Rightel internet package + command code

Buy Rightel internet package + command code

Today, the Internet has become one of the basic needs of our lives. With the rapid growth of technology and the increase in the use of devices connected to the Internet, access to the Internet with the right speed and quality is very important. In this regard, Internet service providers try to market packages that meet the needs of users well. One of the most reliable and popular companies in the field of providing Internet services is Rightel. With its dynamic network and advanced technologies, Raitel provides its customers with high-speed Internet access and wide coverage. So in this article from How is the site? We will look at how to buy the Rightel Internet package.

Rightel Internet packages

Raitel internet packages are available for both prepaid and permanent SIM card holders. These packages have different varieties and types, and each user can choose the best option based on their needs and budget. The desired packages are usually categorized according to volume or time.

How to buy Internet Rightel

The way to buy Internet is very different and diverse, just like buying Raitel recharge. You can choose one of these depending on your needs and the device you have.

1- Buying the Internet package of Rightel with a command code

The first method of purchase is using a command code. Using this method, you can find out about your charge balance and buy new internet. Therefore, it is enough to dial the command code #144 to find out about the rest of your internet and to be able to buy a new package.

Also, you can purchase the Internet package using the command code *200.

Install My New Rightel

How to install my Rightel app for Android and iPhone

2- Buy the Internet package of Rightel with My Rightel

My Riteel application is also a very practical and specialized application for Riteel users. Through this program, you can benefit from many features. One of the applications of this program is to buy an internet package and pay directly. You must be connected to the Internet to use this program. After connecting, follow the steps below.

1. Open the program and select “Purchase Package” box from the main menu.

Buy Rightel internet package + command code

2. In the new screen, select the “Internet package” box.

Buy Rightel internet package + command code

3. In the opened list, select and register the package you want.

3- Buying the Internet package of Raitel through the official website of Raitel (online)

If you don’t like to install a separate program or use command codes, you can visit the Writel site and choose the package you want. For this, it is enough to enter the Rightel website and enter the desired number. A list of packages will be visible to you, you can choose the package you want and pay online.

Buy Rightel internet package + command code

The rest of the code of the internet writel

All the remaining viewing methods of Internet Rightel

last word

Although Raitel SIM card is newer than other Iranian operators, it has managed to win the hearts of its audience with competitive prices and high speed. Unlimited, daily and hourly packages are attractive for every user with different tastes. Therefore, if you are a Rightel user, you can purchase the desired package using the above instructions.

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