Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

You have probably seen white strands in your hair while looking in the mirror! For some people, the presence of white hair is unpleasant and they like to get rid of it in any way possible.

For this reason, in this article, we are going to discuss the methods of removing white hair and methods for its prevention and treatment. So, if you also like to learn and use solutions to solve this issue, follow the how to until the end of the article.

Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

A short look; Why does hair turn white?

If we want to examine this issue very simply, it should be said that hair follicles are actually small bags that cover skin cells. In these follicles, there are pigment cells called melanin that give hair color. With the passage of time and age, these cells lose their pigments, which leads to gray hair. However, in many cases, it is also possible to see white hair in youth, adolescence and childhood. Graying hair is not associated with any specific symptoms and the only observed change is the change in hair color. Over time, hair loses its pigment and turns into gray strands.

Prevention of gray hair; Simple but effective solutions

Regarding the prevention of hair whitening, the reason for this problem should be clarified first. If the reason is genetic, there is no possibility of prevention and treatment is also difficult. If you encounter white hair from the stem or root, it is better to visit a skin and hair doctor and determine the cause of this issue. But in the following, we have given you methods that can be effective in preventing this issue.

1. Consumption of group B vitamins

So far, studies have shown that there are certain vitamins that can be effective in preventing gray hair. In particular, B vitamins, including B6, B2, and B12, play an important role in speeding up the production of melanin, the pigment that gives your hair its color. Also, it is recommended to include protein-rich foods in your diet, including soy, eggs, chicken, and turkey; Because these foods can also be effective in preventing white hair. Taking vitamins of the B family is also for Definitive hair loss treatment It is very effective.

2. Using vegetable and nutritious oils

Using vegetable and nutritious oils can also help strengthen hair follicles and prevent them from turning white. You can use these oils topically or in your diet. Even if the hair is white, using these oils can help strengthen the hair and improve the hair color.

Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

3. Exercising regularly and having enough sleep

Regular exercise is also one of the effective ways to prevent gray hair. By improving the process of blood supply to different parts of the body, regular exercise promotes the strengthening of hair roots and prevents them from turning white. Also, enough sleep is very important to maintain balance in the body. Adequate sleep helps to improve brain function and produce antioxidants, and as a result, the possibility of damage to the body and graying of hair is reduced.

Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

What is the treatment method for white hair?

Many people who are faced with the problem of white hair, are looking for ways to treat this problem. If the white hair is caused by a disease, the control and treatment of the disease can help to cure this problem. But if the cause of gray hair is due to other reasons, you can use special treatment methods to solve this problem.

  • If you are looking for an herbal remedy for gray hair, you can use oils like black seed oil and coconut oil to massage your scalp. These oils create heat in the scalp, which can reduce the whiteness of the hair hair strengthening help.
  • Washing hair with black seed decoction and water is also an effective way to treat this problem. Consulting with a traditional medicine doctor can also help you learn about other herbal methods.
  • Other treatment methods include the use of anti-whitening shampoos or hair-whitening ampoules, which must be prescribed by a hair doctor. Sometimes, the use of Melancor tablets is also recommended as a treatment option for gray hair, which may have positive results. Note that any use of chemical treatment methods without consulting a doctor may have side effects, so it is recommended not to do these procedures without a doctor’s opinion.
Removing white hair and methods for prevention and treatment

The cause of gray hair

As a last point, it should be said that there are various factors that can cause hair to turn white, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Vitamin deficiency: One of the prominent causes of gray hair is vitamin deficiency; In particular, vitamin B12, B6, biotin, vitamin D and vitamin E deficiency can cause gray hair. Taking vitamin supplements can help restore hair pigmentation.
  • Genetics: In 2013, a research was conducted in the field of gray hair, the results of which showed that this phenomenon is significantly related to the genetics of each individual. In addition to genetics, race and ethnicity also affect hair growth. Statistics show that white people usually experience gray hair from the age of 20, while this age is 25 years for Asians and 30 years for Africans and Americans.
  • Effect of smoking: It may be interesting to know that smoking accelerates the aging process of body parts, especially skin and hair. Smoking and other substances can directly affect the cells of the body and their function and destroy their normal function. It is important to note that exposure to cigarette smoke and tobacco products is also very dangerous and reduces the production of hair pigments and melanin to a sufficient extent. Therefore, exposure to cigarette smoke and other substances will cause white hair problems.
  • The effect of chemical products on hair: Using chemical dyes, hair products and even some shampoos can lead to white hair. This is because some ingredients in these products can reduce melanin. Some of these substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, are contained in most hair dyes and products, which may have negative effects. As a result, excessive use of these products can lead to gray hair problems.
  • Autoimmune diseases: Sometimes, autoimmune diseases can cause gray hair. Some of these diseases, including alopecia and vitiligo, cause the body’s immune system to be adjusted and by attacking its own cells, hair pigments are lost and hair turns white.
  • Thyroid disorder: Thyroid disorders are also one of the reasons that may cause hair to turn white. Deficiency or increase in thyroid activity can cause a decrease in melanin production and white hair due to changes in hormones. Specifically, thyroid dysfunction reduces melanin production and thus white hair.

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In this article, we tried to point out the methods of treating white hair and ways to prevent it. But you should know that if the white hair is caused by a disease, the control and treatment of the disease can be effective. But if white hair is due to other reasons, various treatment methods can be used.

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