Receive a loan from Resalat Bank + conditions and documents

Receive a loan from Resalat Bank + conditions and documents

Resalat Bank is one of the financial institutions authorized to operate under the license of the Central Bank of Iran. This financial institution has started its work with an official license from the Central Bank of Iran.

Resalat Bank has created an unprecedented initiative in the field of social finance with its unique financial policies and by offering Qarz al-Hasaneh loans. These loans, which are offered without interest and with a low fee (only 2%), show the commitment of this bank to support the low-income sections of society. In addition, Resalat Bank plays an important role in providing various financial needs of individuals and companies by providing banking services in the field of lending and financial and banking services. In this article, we are going to talk about how to buy Resalat Bank loan points and tell about the conditions and documents required to receive this loan. So stay with us until the end of the article for more information.

Receive a loan from Resalat Bank + conditions and documents

What are the initial conditions for receiving a loan from Resalat Bank?

If you intend to receive a loan from Resalat Bank, you should know that there are basic conditions to do this that you must have or provide. In the following, we will refer to each of these conditions:

1. Applicants for a loan from Resalat Bank should not be in debt or have an outstanding loan. Although if there is a debt balance of, for example, 30 million tomans, it is possible to receive another loan of up to 170 million tomans; Because the loan limit in Resalat Bank is limited to 200 million Tomans.

2. People applying for a loan should not have information such as bounced checks.

3. These people must be able to provide a check or promissory note as a guarantee for a loan request at Resalat Bank.

4. If they have a salary deduction slip, people can guarantee the loan. In addition, the guarantor must be an official or employed employee with a business license and a check book.

5. In order to receive a mission loan, you must do a process called validation. In cases where the validation process is carried out in full accordance with the established criteria, it is also possible to accept the promissory note.

6. You should also keep in mind that paying the installments of the mission loan on time will lead to a more appropriate evaluation of your credit in the following periods, and you will definitely have a better chance to get another loan.

7. Job documents, income, assets and account turnover are important in the process of receiving a loan from Resalat Bank. You can visit one of Resalat Bank branches to register for a Resalat Bank loan and get complete and more information on this matter.

8. As a last point, it should be said that some people are active in the field of buying and selling loan points of Resalat Bank and try to take charge of all the steps of the loan. In some cases, two loan applicants can help each other in the loan process by exchanging mutual guarantees and make this process faster.

Receive a loan from Resalat Bank + conditions and documents

General information about Resalat Bank loan

Company Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank
Profit 2%
loan ceiling 300 million
Type of guarantee Official guarantor
Deposit required has it
Required deposit account loan
Deposit sleep time Minimum 3 months – maximum 6 months
Maximum repayment time 60 months
loan installment Variable
Total loan interest 36,000,000
Total amount of loan and interest 336,000,000
Separate deposit

How long does the process of receiving a mission loan take?

Fortunately, Resalat Bank loan is one of the loans that if you follow the process, you can get it in a short period of time. In general, you can receive a mission loan in two weeks. provided that the borrower himself follows the registration, validation and loan application procedures.

How to register for a loan from Resalat Bank?

To receive loans or facilities from Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank, you can apply for a loan offline by visiting the website of Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank.

After sending information and offline registration on the site, the bank's experts will contact you and explain and carry out the steps of authentication and document matching.

These steps are done in person with bank agents at the customer's place. Then, with credit recognition, the process of applying for a loan will begin, and after completing this process, you can receive the loan with an acceptable or requested amount.

Receive a loan from Resalat Bank + conditions and documents
Loan conditions of Resalat Bank

How is the validation of the mission loan done?

As we mentioned a little earlier, it is essential that all applicants who wish to receive a loan from Resalat Bank, before registering their application, verify the validation through the Merat Bank Resalat system. You should know that the amount of loan that the bank allocates to you is completely dependent on the result of validation by Resalat Bank. In order to achieve success in this process, it is necessary to be fully familiar with the loan validation methods from Resalat Bank.

It should be noted that the validation result is only valid for one year. Therefore, it is appropriate to adjust the validation time to coincide with your decision to apply for a loan from Resalat Bank.

Also, you need the following conditions and documents for validation and receiving a loan:

1Bank Resalat Center ID: In each branch of Resalat Bank, there is an active center that has a unique identifier. Resalat Bank loan applicants are required to enter this center ID when submitting a validation request. If you don't know the center ID of your branch, you can get the required information by clicking on the help center button or by contacting the experts of Resalat Bank through the contact number 0214747.

2Total monthly income: This amount is equivalent to the total income of the loan applicant in a month, including monthly salary and other income such as dividends, property rent, bank interest and other income sources. Increasing this amount will increase the loan amount and facilitate the validation process.

3The actual ability of the applicant to pay loan installments: The amount of loan that the bank allocates to the applicant for a mission loan is directly dependent on this amount. Reducing this amount will lead to a reduction in the amount of loan received.

4Documents required for validation in Merat system: In order to carry out validation, applicants must upload documents such as legal slip with seal, bank deposit certificate, profit report and one-year account average in other banks, ownership document, share ownership certificate and other assets in Merat system. Note that the number and type of documents have a direct effect on the amount of loan received.

5Revision in validation: If your income sources increase, it is possible to request a revision of the validation. But remember that once the validation is completed, it is not possible to request an appeal for two months.

Is it possible to sell Resalat Bank loan points?

It is possible to sell Resalat Bank loan and you should know that the sale amount of Resalat Bank loan points can be completely changed. If you are looking to buy or sell Resalat Bank loan points, titles such as “Resalat Divar Loan Concession Sale” and “Resalat Bank Loan Concession Purchase” and “Resalat Bank Loan 1402” are highly visible. In Resalat loan collection, it is possible to transfer Resalat Bank loan points at the lowest cost and you can do this. It means transfer your Amitaz loan to another person.


As we read and found out in this article, Resalat Bank is one of the best Iranian banks that provides interest-free loans, in such a way that only a 2% fee is charged. This type of loan provides the possibility of paying installments with desired duration, and under these conditions, Resalat Bank's facility is known as one of the most popular choices in the country's banking system.

One of the important features of Resalat Bank is the reliance on technology and digital approach in providing services. All banking processes, including opening an account, requesting and obtaining a card, and other services, are done online and through the Internet. This approach not only allows customers to access services easily and quickly, but also reduces the need for physical presence in bank branches.

We hope that this article is useful for you and that you can get a loan from Resalat Bank with its help.

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