How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

Proportioned and voluminous body is the first thing that attracts the viewer’s attention in the first encounter of humans. It is not enough to exercise to bulk up your muscles. In this article from the site How We will cover everything you need to know to build muscle.

What do the muscles of the body need to become bulky?

If we want to say very generally, the muscles of the body need three main things to gain volume, exercise, nutrition and rest.

If you ignore or ignore any of these things, you will not succeed in building muscle.

Most people believe that just exercising and doing heavy exercises is enough to build muscle, but it is necessary to mention that your muscles need nutrition and rest just like other parts of your body. As a result, if you neglect these two things, not only will you not get the body you want, but you will also endanger your health.

To build muscle as best as possible, pay special attention to the following golden tips.

1- Adjust your calorie intake:

All the food we consume during the day contains some calories. If your calorie intake during the day is more than what your body needs, you will face weight gain in the form of fat. Also, if you consume fewer calories than your body needs, the result will be weight loss.

If you are planning to start exercising and building muscle, consume calories according to the amount of your exercises.

2- Before and after training, eat foods containing protein and carbohydrates:

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

One of the most important points to keep in mind is nutrition before and after training. Meals containing protein and carbohydrates are necessary for muscle building. At least one hour before starting your training, consume foods such as eggs, bananas, chicken breast, potatoes and milk. You can also use whey protein as a protein food substitute, although it is better to get the protein you need naturally.

3- Eat fewer calories on your rest days:

Some people think that they should eat the same amount of calories on rest days as they do on training days. Such a notion is wrong because during these days of rest, your body’s metabolism will decrease and your extra calories will be converted into fat.

4- Do not neglect aerobic sports:

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

Aerobic exercise improves your metabolism and blood circulation. actually do Aerobic exercises It makes your excess fat melt and your muscles become more visible. However, if you are looking to build muscle and bulk up your muscles, you should not overdo aerobic exercise.

5- Before starting the workout, do stretching exercises:

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

Stretching will greatly affect your range of motion. Also, doing stretching exercises before starting exercises prepares your body and muscles and prevents possible injuries caused by bodybuilding exercises.

6- Register in a suitable gym:

Find the right gym. Before registering in the club, make sure that the machines are standard and not crowded. Gyms that don’t have the right equipment will pose serious risks to your muscles and spine. Also, if the gym you train in is very crowded, you will have to wait to do your sets, which will cause your body to cool down. So train in a gym where you don’t have to wait a long time to use any equipment.

7- Focus on your muscles:

One of the most important points while doing bodybuilding exercises is to focus on the target muscles. In order to get the hang of focusing on your muscles, you need to start with light weights and try to put pressure on your target muscles. It can also be helpful to know which muscles each exercise affects.

8- Perform bodybuilding movements slowly:

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

If your intention is to build muscle, you should pay attention to perform various bodybuilding movements slowly.

Doing bodybuilding movements quickly and increasing the sets can have the opposite effect and cause you to burn your muscles. So reduce your sets and do your bodybuilding movements slowly and correctly.

9- Change the type of your movements:

Doing a bodybuilding program for too long will slow down your muscle building progress. So, at least after two months, start receiving a new bodybuilding program.

Also, if you don’t want to receive a fitness program, replace your current exercises with new similar ones every two months.

10- Rest your muscles:

Remember that your muscles need rest just like anything else. Rest your body at least one day a week and don’t forget to do stretching exercises on this one day.

Also, going to the pool or a good massage can relax your muscles and prepare you for the next week’s training.

11- Have a full sleep:

How to build muscle + what you need to know about building muscle

A full and deep sleep will help you build muscle more than you think. When you fall into deep sleep, your muscles and tendons go to work and repair their broken tissues. Repairing broken tissues is what we refer to as muscle building. So don’t underestimate the effect of full sleep after training.

In order to have a complete and deep sleep, it is necessary to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks or drink caffeinated drinks at least six hours before sleep.

12- Modify your eating style:

Your eating style and the type of foods you consume will have a significant impact on your body. If you want a bulky and muscular body, you need to divide your meals and get six balanced meals instead of three heavy meals.

Also, avoid alcoholic and sugary drinks, foods containing saturated fat, snacks, and tobacco completely so that you can quickly achieve your goal of building muscle.

Conclusion :

Building muscle is closely related to your lifestyle. Spending time in gyms and taking bodybuilding supplements can’t help you build muscle like it should.

By following the above tips and creating a professional lifestyle, you can achieve the muscular body you want.

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