New Shahr Bank companion installation + activation training

New Shahr Bank companion installation + activation training

Shahr Bank is one of the newly established banks that has been able to become one of the most popular banks in Iran by satisfying its customers. These days, thanks to mobile banking, banks and ATMs are less often used to perform common banking and financial affairs such as transferring money, paying bills, and receiving financial transactions. In order to make it more convenient for its subscribers, Shahr Bank has launched the Shahr Bank companion app to make account management easier for account owners, in addition to reducing visits to the bank in person. In this article, we will learn how to install Bank Shahr Mobile and start it up. If you intend to use Shahr Bank’s mobile services, with this article from How be with us.

Installation training with Shahr Bank

Downloading and installing Bank Shahr Mobile is the first step to benefit from this service of Bank Shahr. To download Bank Shahr every month, it is enough to enter the official website of Bank Shahr at the address and click on Mobile City option from the electronic banking menu.

New Shahr Bank companion installation + activation training
From the electronic banking menu, click on Mobile City.

If your phone’s operating system is iOS, click on the direct download link for the iOS version. In order to download Shahr Bank Mobile for the Android operating system, it is enough to use one of the download links provided at the bottom of the page.

New Shahr Bank companion installation + activation training
Click on one of the direct download options for iOS or Android version.

After receiving the program, it is enough to install it on your mobile phone like other programs.

How to set up with Shahr Bank

It is not possible to set up Shahr Bank Mobile in person. After installing the Bank Shahr mobile phone, subscribers must go to one of the Bank Shahr branches and hand it over to the teller while completing the form related to Bank Shahr mobile phone activation. Then receive the envelope containing the username and password.

After receiving the username and password, log in to Shahr Bank Mobile and enter your mobile number in the program. Be careful that the entered mobile number must match the mobile number you gave to the bank. After entering the mobile number, click on the continue option.

At this stage, you should shake your mobile phone until the circle shown in the image below is filled.

After filling the circle, just enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile number in the activation code box. Then click on the option to enter the program.

On the opened page, enter the username and password received from the bank in the username and password fields. Then click on the login option to start your bank account correctly.

What are the capabilities of Shahr Bank mobile installation?

All the main features of a mobile bank program are included in the Bank Shahr mobile program, and bank Shahr account holders can use this program to do all their daily financial and banking affairs using their mobile phones.

Features of the new version of Shahr Bank Mobile:

  • Money transfer
  • Paying bills
  • Pay your installments and others
  • View the list of cards and deposits
  • Paying the taxi fare by scanning the barcode
  • Receive Shaba number
  • Buy mobile phone charging
  • View account turnover
  • The possibility of blocking the card
  • View the status of checks

Important points regarding the installation and use of Shahr Bank Mobile

Financial programs such as Shahr Bank Companion are very sensitive to direct connection to your bank accounts, and if you use unofficial versions of these programs, your bank accounts will be at risk. To prevent fraud and abuse of your accounts, be sure to use official versions of financial programs. Downloading financial programs such as Shahr Bank Companion from non-authentic and unofficial sources has a high risk and can cause many problems for you. As a result, download and install the mobile application of Bank Shahr only from the official website of Bank Shahr or other reliable sources.

Another very important point to protect your account is not to disclose your login information to others. Your bank account username and password means access to your bank account, and any person who can access your bank account will be able to make transactions from your account. Therefore, do not share your mobile bank login information with others.

Finally, if your mobile phone is lost or stolen, immediately burn your SIM card and inform the bank about the loss of your mobile phone.

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