The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Getting a visa and immigrating to Germany is a goal that many people in different countries have in mind. To achieve this goal, it is possible to act through different ways such as educational migration, investment migration and work migration, which are the most important types of migration to this country. Of course, there are other secondary ways, such as the birth of a child and marriage, which open the way for you to enter Germany. Each of these migrations requires specific conditions from the applicant, which applicants must have sufficient and complete information about. Some of these migrations lead to residence in Germany, of course, in order to obtain residence (either temporary or permanent), you have to go through some conditions. In general, to get a permanent residence in Germany, you have to live in this country for three years.

Types of immigration to Germany:

  • Educational immigration to Germany
  • Work migration to Germany
  • Investment migration to Germany
  • Marriage migration to Germany
  • Immigrate the birth of a child to Germany

1. Educational migration to Germany

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Obtaining a visa and immigrating to Germany is one of the topics that has recently occupied the minds of many international students. Many students immigrate to Germany in order to benefit from the low or free costs of studying in this country and to be able to use the scientific and educational services of Germany. By studying in Germany, you can get residency in this country. But it’s not like you can get German residency with only one study visa.

In order to be able to obtain German residency through educational immigration, you must prepare for your employment during your studies so that you can work somewhere after the end of your studies. Students who do such work must convert their study visa to a work visa after the end of their studies. Of course, you will be given 18 months.

But if you look for a job during your study period, you can surely find your favorite job sooner and do the work related to residence. Keep in mind that if you do not find a job in this 18-month period, you will no longer be able to stay in Germany. So, if you want to get things going, start looking for a job early so that you don’t face problems like this.

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2. Work migration to Germany

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Immigrating to Germany due to work is one of the best and cheapest methods that immigrants can apply for. There are two ways to obtain a work visa.

Obtaining a work visa to Germany through a job offer:

One of the ways to obtain a German work visa is for your employer in Germany to send you an invitation letter. This method is considered one of the cheapest methods of immigration to Germany. In order to be able to get a German work visa more easily, a work invitation will come in handy. To receive a work invitation, you need documents and work and educational records.

These documents must be translated into English and sent to the employer. If the items sent are approved by the employer, the employer will make it easier for you to get a visa by sending you an invitation letter. Of course, just as receiving an invitation letter from the employer works for you and makes your immigration work easier, this work has its own difficulties for an employer, because an employer has guaranteed you for Germany and is a commitment to the country. offers itself.

Job search in Germany:

The second way to obtain a German work visa is through Jobseeker. According to this method of work migration, a person must have mastered a certain skill and at least have a bachelor’s degree and executive work experience in the field of his specialty. If the person’s skills are in line with the list of specialized personnel needed in Germany, the person can obtain his visa to immigrate to Germany in this way.

Of course, the conditions for obtaining a visa and immigrating to Germany have become easier over time (from 2021). If you have studied professionally for two years and your documents are approved by Germany (and of course you are fluent in English or German), you can easily get an immigration visa to Germany.

3. Immigration to Germany through investment

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Investment is another way to immigrate to Germany. Currently, investment in Germany is done through company registration. Through the registration of the company, you can get residency and even citizenship of this country. In order to be able to start your investment through company registration in a country like Germany, first of all, your business plan must be approved by the German Chamber of Commerce. If your plan is profitable for Germany, your plan will definitely be approved. The investment cost through company registration (initial capital) is about 25 thousand euros.

Documents required to immigrate to Germany

  • Birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
  • Passport
  • Documents related to assets and properties
  • Career and education records
  • bad background certificate
  • medical experiments

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4. Immigrate to Germany by marriage

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Marriage is one of the ways to immigrate to Germany through which you can prepare for obtaining German citizenship. Immigration to Germany through marriage has general to private conditions. For example, one’s mastery of the German language is a requirement to immigrate to Germany through marriage. The German language level of the applicant to immigrate to Germany must be at least A1.

If a person has special conditions and has lost his wife either due to death or divorce, he must prove this issue by presenting relevant documents. The German government has announced the minimum marriage age for young people to be eighteen years old, but with the permission of the parents, this age can be reduced to sixteen years.

In order to obtain German citizenship, you must consider conditions. Whether you apply as a woman or a man to immigrate to Germany and get married in this country, you will enjoy equal conditions. Marrying a German citizen will allow you to obtain both residency and citizenship. First, he must obtain residence and then citizenship of this country. In this regard, two years must have passed since the marriage. After three years of residence in Germany, you can get the citizenship of this country.

By acquiring the citizenship of Germany, a person also gets access to the rights of citizenship of this country. The right to vote, study in Germany, work, etc. are among the most important rights that a person can access by obtaining German citizenship.

5. Immigrate to Germany through the birth of a child

The easiest way to immigrate to Germany in 2024 to live

Obtaining a visa and immigrating to Germany through the birth of a child is another method of immigrating to Germany. Regarding the issue of immigrating to Germany through the birth of a child, two general rules should be considered. A child who is born in Germany can obtain his German citizenship from his parents according to a general principle that governs the laws governing the birth of a child in this country. That is, if the parents of a child born in this country are German, this citizenship will easily be transferred to the child. This is the same rule as “Blood nationalityThey remember.

Of course, there is another way to obtain German citizenship through the birth of a child. Although blood citizenship is the law governing the birth of a child in this land. If the child has stateless parents or is generally unknown, German citizenship can be granted to the child based on the rule of obtaining German citizenship based on the soil. Children who have such conditions have been granted German citizenship after January 1, 2000.

in the end

The dear people of our country are with us Immigration to Türkiye They also think about immigrating to Germany; Because Germany is one of the most tourist-friendly and immigration-friendly countries that has attracted the attention of many people for immigration purposes (such as educational immigration, work immigration, and investment immigration). Applicants who apply for a visa and immigrate to Germany must also consider costs in order to realize their goal. These costs revolve around the cost of obtaining a German visa, the cost of translating the documents that are provided for obtaining a German visa, the cost of plane tickets, the cost of property evaluation, and the cost of medical tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many ways can we immigrate to Germany?

You can immigrate to Germany in 5 ways, in which we have thoroughly examined these five cases.

Is it possible to get permanent residence from Germany?

Yes, it is possible to obtain permanent residence in Germany through investment, birth of a child, etc.

What is the cheapest way to immigrate to Germany?

Immigration through work is the cheapest way to immigrate to Germany.

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