Install and download asan pardakht app for iPhone installable version 1403 + images

App software is a mobile payment application that provides various facilities and features to its users. This software provides you with various services such as bill payment, recharge purchase, card to card, etc. and is considered one of the best mobile payment applications. Using this software, you can perform all these operations at any time and place. To use the services of this payment software, it is necessary to first install this software on your phone and then connect your phone to the Internet. Also, to use this software, you definitely need your second internet password. In the following Install app for iPhone And we will teach the laptop. Keep up with how.

How to install app for iPhone

Install and download app for iPhone installable version 1403

Install the app on the iPhone Installing it on an Android phone is a little different. For this, you must first trust your mobile to be able to use the services of this payment application. To do this, first download and install the app from on your phone. Then follow the steps below to trust the software:

First, go to the Settings section of your phone and then select the General option.

On this page, you should look for the Device Management option.

Now you have to select the Seeb Co OU option to move to the next page.

On this page, you must select Trust Seeb Co OU, which is marked in blue in the center of the page.

Finally, in the dialog box that opens, select the Trust option to complete the activation operation.

The process of activating the app and installing the app for iPhone and laptop was completed easily. Now you can run this program and install it on your mobile phone to benefit from its services.

Learn more about easy payment

Install and download app for iPhone installable version 1403

Easy payment or so-called app is a very practical and completely free program that can be used in the field of payment services. In this program, in addition to accessing all the services provided in the *733# system, you can also use the exclusive services of this application. In this program, it is possible to inquire about the balance of the bank card of Melli Banks, Agriculture, Sepah, New Economy Bank, Shahr Bank, Day, Ansar, Hikmat Iranian, Mehr Ekhtosad, Aindeh, Post Bank, Qavamin, Capital, Iran Zemin, Development Cooperative Bank, Tourism Bank, Industry and mining, Saman, Resalat, Kausar, Middle East, Persians, trade, Pasargad, housing, welfare of workers, nation, nations, light, development and seal of Iran are provided for you. Also, you will get points every time you make a transaction in this application and you will participate in various app festivals.

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