How to quit masturbation

How to quit masturbation

Today, one of the few problems that occur to people, especially young people, is addiction to self-gratification. Quit masturbation It may take a long time. Self-gratification is a type of addiction that is very dangerous and can cause many problems for people. Of course, according to some psychiatrists, if self-gratification does not turn into an addiction, it can also have positive effects on mental health. But when you see that self-gratification has turned into an addiction, you should act quickly and get treatment so that you don’t suffer from severe physical problems. When people are addicted to masturbating, they may do it multiple times throughout the day and make it part of their daily routine.

Usually, people who are addicted to self-gratification become depressed and nervous after a while so that they cannot control themselves well; Also, physical problems also occur for them, such as the weakening of eyesight, which are irreparable. If looking for a solution for Quit masturbation So stay with us in this How be with

Effects of masturbation addiction

Self-gratification addiction has many negative effects on people’s lives. These effects are divided into two types, psychological and physical. Self-pleasure addiction can reduce people’s self-confidence and make them more shy so that they can no longer be present among their friends. In addition, self-satisfaction is a strong barrier against people’s progress in life and does not allow them to do their jobs well and progress. And finally, after self-gratification, people feel guilty and after some time they suffer from severe depression.

How to quit masturbation

If, God forbid, you are addicted to self-gratification and you have doubts about it, in order to treat yourself, go to a good and experienced psychologist and discuss the matter with him so that your problem can be solved well. Of course, you can also use home methods to easily stop masturbation and get rid of it. It is suggested that you seize the time and if you become addicted to self-gratification, take immediate treatment to avoid further problems.

Leaving masturbation at home

If someone asks you how to quit masturbation, the easiest way you can suggest is to quit masturbation at home. Self-pleasure treatment at home is one of the easiest and most effective methods that can eliminate this addiction in the shortest time.

1. Avoid watching the movie.

At first, try to avoid movies with scenes. Watching these types of movies makes people want to self-gratify more and they can no longer get rid of this addiction.

2. Don’t be alone.

Try not to be alone at any time when you need self-gratification to fill your loneliness, because lonely people may tend to self-gratify and can no longer eliminate this addiction.

3. Wear more clothes.

People can wear more clothes while sleeping to stop masturbating at home, because if they wear less clothes, they may feel pleasure by touching their body and it will be a little more difficult for them to leave.

4. Take a shower.

Before going to sleep, try to take a cold shower so that your body temperature will decrease and as a result you will not feel the need to masturbate.

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All ways to quit masturbation

To give up self-gratification, you must first want to get rid of it; Then delete photos and videos that even 1% trigger you. Then, when you are alone, try to engage yourself in reading books or playing computer games or doing anything that distracts you from the thought of self-gratification so that you don’t think about self-gratification. Then, in times of discomfort, try to distract yourself from self-satisfaction by doing something else, such as painting. It is recommended to take a cold shower before going to bed at night, because it causes your body temperature to decrease, and as a result, you feel less self-satisfied and wear more clothes while sleeping.

How to quit masturbation

Foods are very effective in quitting self-gratification. It is recommended that you do not eat warm foods such as bananas, walnuts, ginger, honey, etc. before going to sleep, because the warmer your body becomes, the more pleasure you may feel. Of course, the most important thing that affects the cessation of self-gratification is people’s thoughts and minds, and if you control the mind, it means that you have quit self-gratification well.

Ways to quit masturbation fast

If your friends couldn’t stop masturbating at home and asked how to stop masturbating, try to suggest other ways, including going to psychiatrists. People can get very useful ways and methods to quit self-satisfaction by referring to a good and knowledgeable psychologist. A good psychologist will help you accept this issue in the first step and then try to clear it from your mind by offering solutions.

Drug therapy is another way to quit self-gratification quickly, and people can go to pharmacies using a psychiatrist’s prescription and after receiving and consuming drugs, they can easily quit the addiction of self-gratification. It is suggested that if the psychologist determines that you must take medicine, do not abstain in any way and make sure to prepare and take the medicine so that you can quit this addiction.

How to quit masturbation

Why do we become addicted to self-gratification?

Self-pleasure addiction starts from very small issues that people cannot understand and as a result they get addicted to self-pleasure. But psychiatrists and psychologists have definitely not found a reason for this addiction and consider discomfort and social distancing as the main source of this addiction. Many people may not be able to talk well with their family or friends and always feel lonely and turn to self-gratification to fill their loneliness.

Self-pleasure works like drugs and frees people’s thoughts from surrounding issues, and this is one of the most important reasons for people’s addiction to self-pleasure. It is suggested that if you see a person who is quiet and lonely among your friends or family, talk to him so that he does not feel lonely and uncomfortable and try not to leave him alone in any way, so that he suffers Don’t be addicted to self-gratification and instead of having fun with self-gratification, have fun with your friends.

final word

Self-gratification is one of the many problems that people can have from teenage years. It is suggested that parents constantly take care of their child so that he does not become addicted to self-gratification, so that problems do not arise in his studies. Of course, keep in mind that the problem of addiction to self-gratification is completely solvable and you don’t need to worry anymore, and if you can’t get rid of this addiction at home, you can go to an experienced and good psychologist and get advice from him. Ask to be able to give up the addiction of self-gratification completely and stop going to him.

Of course, if you have decided to stop masturbating, be sure to delete all the photos, videos and files that may irritate you even one percent, because when you stop masturbating, the slightest irritation can Make you addicted to self-gratification again. With the hope of not getting infected and giving up self-gratification.

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