How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for Iranian immigrants due to its proximity to Iran and its economic situation and better quality of life compared to Iran. Also, a large number of people take action to preserve their capital Buying a house in Türkiye they do.

In this article to what for Buying a house in Türkiye You need to know that we pay. Also, the steps of buying a house in Türkiye to you dear friends of the site How We will teach. Stay with us.

How much is the price of an apartment unit in Türkiye?

When it comes to buying a house, the first question that comes up is the price. The house price in Turkey is very reasonable compared to other countries and you can buy a property in Turkey with low amounts. On average, the minimum budget you need to buy a property in Türkiye is 350 million tomans.

You can see the average house price per square meter in the main cities of Türkiye below.

City Name Average price per square meter
Istanbul 4430 lira
Izmir 3570 lira
Antalya 4100 lira
Ankara 2900 lira
I will go 3200 lira
Denizli 1500 lira
Adana 2000 lira
And that 1900 lira
Average house prices in the main cities of Türkiye

Advantages of buying a house in Türkiye:

How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

Buying a house in Türkiye has various advantages such as preserving the value of money, proper investment and obtaining residency. In general, the following are the main advantages of buying property in Türkiye.

  • Proper investment and preserving the value of money
  • Temporary residence permit in Türkiye
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport for houses worth more than $250,000

By buying a property in Türkiye, you have made an ideal investment. Property prices in Turkey have experienced good growth in recent years, and buying a house in Turkey is a safe investment with good returns.

Appropriate and low-risk investment:

Buying a house and land has always been one of the best ways to preserve the value of money, and buying a house in Turkey is no exception. The growth of property values ​​in Türkiye in recent years has made buying a house in Türkiye more attractive. By buying a house in Turkey while preserving the value of your money, you will have a suitable and low-risk investment. However, before buying a property in Türkiye, it is better to do a thorough research.

Staying in Türkiye by buying a property:

The easiest way to get Turkish residence is to buy a property. The good news is that there is no minimum amount to get residency by purchasing a property. This means that by buying a house in Türkiye at any price, you can get a temporary residence in Türkiye. Also, by renting the purchased property, your temporary residence will not be invalidated. This residence is given to you for one year and if you do not sell the property, after a few years (5 to 8 years) you can apply for citizenship.

Obtaining citizenship by buying a house in Türkiye:

How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

One of the ways to immigrate and obtain Turkish citizenship is to invest in Turkey by buying houses over $250,000. You can get Turkish citizenship and passport by buying a house worth more than 250,000 dollars. Also, instead of buying one property, you can buy several properties with a total value of more than 250,000 dollars and become a citizen of Turkey. As a result, you will benefit from all the facilities of Turkish citizenship as a Turkish citizen.

Rules and conditions for buying property (house) in Türkiye:

How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

Buying a house in Türkiye for foreigners has special rules and you must be sure before Immigration to Türkiye Buy a house according to these rules.

  • Foreigners can only buy up to 30 hectares of land and property.
  • Foreigners can only buy up to 10% of the land in a district.
  • The previous 3 owners of the property you are buying should not be foreigners.
  • People who buy residential land must construct a building on it within 2 years.
  • If you intend to get Turkish citizenship, instead of buying a property worth 250,000 dollars, you can buy several properties of the same value.
  • Türkiye’s laws regarding the purchase of property and immigration in this way are reviewed every year. Therefore, before buying a property, check the laws of that year. Until the end of 2021, by buying a property at any price, you can get a one-year residence in Turkey and extend your stay in the following years.
  • Foreigners cannot buy property in a city that shares a border with their own country.
  • Foreigners cannot buy property near Turkish military sites.

Important points about buying property in Türkiye:

In order to safely buy a property in Türkiye, it is necessary to pay enough attention to some points.

  • Before buying a unit in the projects, research the project and try to choose projects where foreigners have already bought a house and received their residence.
  • Before buying a property, get a copy of the document from the seller and confirm its validity by referring to the Turkish Document Office.
  • Be careful that foreigners are exempt from tax for buying property.
  • Before purchasing a property, make sure that there is no bank loan, bank debt, or restriction on the house deed. You can get this information from the Turkish Document Office.
  • Remember that properties priced below 250,000 do not guarantee residency and only your residency application will be considered. If there are no problems, your stay will be confirmed.
  • The cost of transferring the document in Türkiye is 4% of the property value, which is paid by the buyer. Of course, you can agree with the seller and pay 2% of this amount to the seller and the other 2% to you.

Steps to buy a house in Türkiye:

How to buy a suitable and beautiful house in Türkiye

If you are serious about buying a house in Türkiye, you need to follow the steps below.

First step, choose your suitable city:

The first step you need to take to buy a property in Türkiye is to choose the city where you live. Which city is right for you depends on various factors. Larger cities often have more job opportunities, better amenities, and better accessibility. It is also obvious that these cities are more crowded than captive cities and the cost of living is also higher in these cities. So first you should check your budget and find the list of cities where you can buy a house. Then you can compare these cities and find the best city depending on your other conditions.

Note that house prices in the suburbs of big cities differ greatly from those in the center of these cities. As a result, if you have a limited budget, you can buy a property in the suburbs of big cities.

The second stage, property selection:

After you have chosen the city you want, you have to search for a property. There are many Iranian online companies that provide you with real estate sales ads in Türkiye. You can find the property you want by referring to these companies. Just note that in this matter, use well-known and reliable companies and ask them to check the validity of the property document for you.

The third step, preparing the cost and required documents:

After choosing a property, you need to find a way to transfer money to Türkiye. This part is one of the most difficult steps you have to go through to buy a house. Since Iran is on the banking sanctions list, you are not able to transfer money directly to Türkiye. As a result, it is necessary to get help from an Iranian exchange to transfer money. After transferring money to Türkiye, you can use the Turkish Tapotax system.

Tapotax is one of the secure payment services of the Turkish banking system for purchasing property. By establishing a relationship between the bank and the Turkish notary office, Tapotax gives you the possibility to give the property money to the bank as a trust and after signing the property purchase contract, the bank will deposit this money to the seller’s account. As a result, the possibility of fraud is greatly reduced.

Before going to the Turkish notary office, you need to complete your documents and prerequisites. These documents and prerequisites include the following.

  • Your identification documents and its translated version
  • Obtaining the tax code by referring to Turkish tax offices
  • Opening an account in a Turkish bank
  • Four photos
  • If you buy a power of attorney, you are required to submit the original and copy of the power of attorney and its translation to the notary

Also, in the notary office, the buyer and seller must bring the following documents:

  • Property ownership document
  • Providing a property valuation report that is carried out by the municipality
  • Providing building earthquake insurance policy (it is mandatory to have an earthquake insurance policy in Türkiye)
  • Providing tax number and original and translation of identity documents, especially passport

Conclusion :

Buying a house in Türkiye requires acceptance and compliance with the laws of Turkey regarding the purchase of property for foreigners. If you do not comply with any of these rules, the contract may be terminated. So first read the Turkish laws in this regard and then take any action.

By buying a house in Turkey along with a residence contract, you can preserve the value of your money and benefit from the increase in the price of your property. All that is needed is a comprehensive review including the price, the future of the property, the rules and documents required to buy a house. There are many consulting teams that can help you with this and be your advisor along the way.

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