How to prevent osteoporosis

How to prevent osteoporosis

it would definitely be said Bone density And preventing osteoporosis is one of the most important things in human life. Humans experience various ups and downs of bone density during different ages from fetal period to old age. When a baby opens its eyes to the world, calcium is gradually deposited in its bones and until the baby reaches its youth, the bones of the body are completely compacted.

It is during youth that a person reaches the peak of his bone density and after that this growth stops and takes a downward course. In such cases, we must take measures to prevent osteoporosis. The following article has presented simple but smart solutions for how to prevent osteoporosis, by reading it you can modify your lifestyle and pave the way to health for your bones.

How to prevent osteoporosis

How can you prevent osteoporosis and have healthy and dense bones in old age? To answer this question, you must first have a clear view of the two issues of bone density and osteoporosis (which are two contradictory issues). All of us humans have the same general course in the densification of our bones.

During his youth, he experienced a high density of bone, and in the later period, the growth and density created will decline. But the important issue related to this issue is that some people enter the descending stage earlier, i.e. reducing the density in their bones. To prevent osteoporosis, you need to know the factors that are effective in this issue and will reduce the severity of osteoporosis.

Regular exercise is a way to prevent osteoporosis

How to prevent osteoporosis
The high impact of exercise in preventing osteoporosis

In addition to affecting your muscles and making them strong, regular exercise will also have amazing effects on your bones. Of course, which sports you choose to build your bones is also important.

Activities that put your body in a condition to overcome the gravity of the earth are a suitable option for compression exercises. For example, climbing stairs, aerobic exercise, brisk walking, running, tai chi, tennis, and racket movements are exercises to prevent osteoporosis.

To prevent osteoporosis, eat foods rich in calcium and vitamin D

How to prevent osteoporosis
The effect of using calcium-rich foods in preventing osteoporosis

Correct and healthy eating habits since childhood improve your bone density process and reduce osteoporosis to its minimum level. When you have provided complete nutrition for your body since childhood, your body will not face any shortage.

Calcium and vitamin D play a very important role in creating healthy and dense bones in our body. If these two substances are reduced in our body, our body is disturbed and tries to prevent vitamin deficiency Calcium to support himself in another way.

In such a situation, the bones are broken down to supply calcium to our body and its density decreases over time. This is the reason that to prevent osteoporosis, we must carefully choose the food our body needs and feed it.

Low-fat dairy products, calcium-fortified drinks and foods, bone-in salmon and sardines, and dark green vegetables such as broccoli are the main sources of calcium.

Also, vitamin D is very effective in absorbing calcium that we enter into our body, and for this reason, it is effective in preventing osteoporosis. The permissible amount of vitamin D intake for adults is 10 micrograms. Of course, it seems that it is relatively difficult for the body to absorb this vitamin through food, for this reason, it is possible to supply the vitamin D needed by the body by taking food supplements in the form of tablets (and under the supervision of a doctor).

Vitamin D is naturally found in fatty fish such as salmon and tuna, beef liver, cheese, egg yolk, red meat, foods containing natural fat, and some breakfast cereals and food supplements.

Sunlight and its indirect effect on preventing osteoporosis

How to prevent osteoporosis
Sun exposure to prevent osteoporosis

Sunlight is a very rich source of vitamin D. For this reason, bone diseases can be prevented to some extent by absorbing sunlight. When your skin is exposed to natural sunlight, it absorbs part of the essential vitamins it needs (the most important of which is vitamin D).

Getting this vitamin through the skin helps your body better absorb the calcium you get through different foods. In other words, vitamin D in the sun will indirectly prevent your osteoporosis.

Who needs bone density tests?

How to prevent osteoporosis

In the bone density test and tests, a small part of one or two bones in the body is examined, and by doing it, you can easily find out the level of your bone strength. One of the benefits of doing these tests is preventing osteoporosis. When a person is aware of his bone density, he can better place himself in the appropriate treatment process.

Note that bone density tests are not required for healthy people, but women 65 and older and women younger than 65 who have a higher than normal risk of bone fractures can do these tests. Do not forget to consult a doctor for this.

final word

If you are thinking about not getting osteoporosis at an older age or even not facing this disease when you are young, follow and do the tips that we have provided you in this how-to. As mentioned in the article, you should take the presence of vitamin D and calcium in the body seriously and use food that is rich in these two. Also, preventing tooth decay is also an essential thing that we know in other ways Ways to prevent tooth decay We have discussed it completely and we recommend you to see this article to maintain the health of your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we get osteoporosis?

It is during youth that a person reaches the peak of his bone density and after that this growth stops and takes a downward course.

Can premature osteoporosis be prevented?

Yes, to prevent osteoporosis, you need to know the factors that are effective in this issue and will reduce the severity of the osteoporosis process, which we have discussed in this article.

Does exercise help prevent osteoporosis?

Yes, to prevent osteoporosis in old age, regular and continuous exercise can be very effective for this issue.

Is it necessary to eat the right foods to prevent osteoporosis?

Yes, correct and healthy eating habits since childhood improves the process of bone density and reduces osteoporosis to its minimum level.

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