How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot

How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot

Pasta is one of the most delicious and of course the easiest dishes that you can make and enjoy. This dish is actually an international dish that has a different cooking method in each country. In Iran, pasta is usually cooked with meat, soy and tomato sauce.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to prepare pasta in several different ways. So if you also want to learn how to prepare this delicious dish, read to the end of the article How be with

How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot

Ingredients for preparing pasta with meat

If you plan to prepare pasta with meat, you need the following ingredients. Keep in mind that these ingredients are for preparing pasta for 4 people and you can change the sizes and quantities according to the number of people.

Raw material Amount required
Mince Meat 200 grams
pasta 500 grams
an onion 1 large number
mushroom 100 grams
potato 2 large numbers
peas 100 grams
corn 100 grams
Bell pepper 1 x
tomato paste 3 tablespoons
Spices (salt, pepper, turmeric) Sufficiently

How to prepare pasta with meat step by step

To make pasta with meat, you have a simple task ahead of you and you can prepare this dish quickly. So, when you are in a hurry to prepare food, making pasta can be a good choice.

How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot
  • first stage: The first step to make pasta is to prepare a special sauce or pasta ingredients. To do this, first you need to wash and peel the onion, then chop it finely.
  • second stage: Prepare a pan and pour the required amount of oil into it. When the oil is hot, add the onion to the pan and fry until the onion becomes soft and light. Next, we add some turmeric to the hot onion and continue frying until the aroma of the spice is released.
  • third level: After the onion is fried completely, we add the minced meat to the onion and fry well until the meat changes color and its rawness disappears. During the time that the meat is frying, you should go to other steps.
  • Fourth step: In the meantime, you should wash bell peppers and mushrooms carefully and then chop them as desired. Next, after the meat is completely fried, add bell peppers, mushrooms, peas and corn to the pan and fry.
  • The fifth stage: After frying the ingredients a little, it is time to add tomato paste. After adding the tomato paste, you should roast it well to get its raw taste and smell. Of course, we must add that roasting the paste makes you have a more colorful pasta at the end of cooking
  • The sixth stage:. After roasting the tomato paste, add 1 glass of water to the pan and close the lid and let the ingredients cook completely. Of course, it is better to mix and stir the ingredients in the pan every few minutes so that they do not stick to the bottom.
  • The seventh stage: Your pasta sauce is ready when the water in the pan is completely steamed (evaporated). After the pasta sauce is ready, remove it from the heat and proceed to the next step.
  • Eighth step: At this point, fill half of the pot with water and put it on high heat. Also, add some salt and liquid oil to the pot and let the water in the pot boil.
  • Ninth step: After the water boils, add the pasta to the water. Then you should allow the pasta to soften and finally rinse with cold water. The right time to rinse the pasta is when the pasta is soft around and the core is somewhat hard.
How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot
  • tenth stage: Now it’s time to cook pasta, in this case, you should heat the pot you are considering for cooking pasta and add some water and oil to it.
  • The eleventh stage: If you want your pasta to have potatoes at the bottom of the pot, you should cut the potatoes into relatively thick slices and place them in the bottom of the pot. Allow the potatoes to fry a little and then pour some of the drained pasta over the potatoes.
  • The twelfth stage: Now you have to cover the top of the pasta with the prepared sauce and do this until you run out of ingredients. Of course, keep in mind that the last layer must be pasta. At the end, put the lid on the pot and adjust the heat to low and let the steam rise inside the pot.
  • Step 13: After about an hour, your pasta is ready. You should stir the pasta before serving so that the pasta ingredients are well distributed and then serve in your favorite dish with pickles or salad. Enjoy your meal….

How to prepare pasta with soy

If you plan to make pasta with soy, you should follow the steps below. Of course, remember that preparing pasta with soy has fewer steps and you can prepare this dish faster.

How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot
  • Step 1: Similar to the previous recipe, first pour water in a pot to boil. Then add the pasta to the boiling water and drain them after they are cooked.
  • second stageMeanwhile, pour soybeans into boiling water and boil for about 15 minutes. Then drain.
  • third level: In a pan, pour enough oil and after it is hot, add chopped onion and garlic along with it. Fry onion and garlic until golden.
  • The fourth stageNext, add soybeans and fry. Also add salt and black pepper and other spices as desired and stir again. Add tomato paste and a glass of water to the ingredients in the pan and let it cook completely.
  • The fifth step: Now you have to pour some water and oil in the pot and add pasta and soy in layers and then cover the pot and let it cook. After an hour, your pasta is ready and you can drink it. Note that this combination brings a different and healthier taste to the pasta. Soy as a source of vegetable protein can add more nutritional value to pasta and create a different and attractive taste.

Pasta preparation tips

It is true that preparing pasta is very simple, but at the same time, it has some tips that you can follow to make a delicious pasta. We have mentioned these points below.

How to prepare pasta with meat and soy along with the bottom of the potato pot

1. Before adding the pasta to the boiling water, add a tablespoon of salt to the water. This gives the pasta a better taste.

2. Make sure to follow the cooking time of the pasta according to the instructions on the package. Overcooking will cause the pasta to cook and become pasty and soft, while cooking for less than the required time will cause the pasta to remain raw and sticky.

3. After cooking the pasta, drain it completely. Remaining pasta in water may cause the pasta to stick and become pasty.

4. After rinsing the pasta, you can add a little olive oil or other oil to the pasta. This prevents the pasta from sticking together and increases its taste and enjoyment.

5. You can add all kinds of spices, sauces and decorations to the pasta to make it taste better. For example, you can use garlic powder, dry red pepper, saffron, chopped parsley leaves, grated parmesan or different sauces like pesto sauce or alfredo sauce. These additives give the pasta a unique taste.

6. If you use soy as an additive, you must put it in boiling water before use according to the instructions on the package and let it soften at least. Then drain and be ready to use.

7. It is better to serve pasta and soy sauce hot. Pasta and hot soy are usually tastier and their flavors go together better.

8. At each stage, taste the taste of the pasta and if needed, add or adjust salt, pepper, spices or other sauces to your liking. Everyone has different tastes, so you can adjust the taste of the pasta to your own taste and family preferences.


In this article, we discussed how to prepare pasta with meat and pasta with soy. We hope that with the help of this recipe you can make a delicious dish and enjoy its taste.

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