How to make khakshir syrup

How to make khakshir syrup

Khakshir syrup has been one of the favorite drinks of us Iranians in the hot seasons since ancient times. As the weather warms up, we all tend to go for cool fruit juices and syrups. Some of these syrups are prepared in a short time and are considered a very good option for our hot days in summer.

Before we discuss how to prepare khakshir syrup, note that two types of khakshir can be used to make this cool drink. Soursop that has small seeds and sorrel that has larger seeds. These two types of khakshir, in addition to being different in grain size, also have significant differences in color and taste. Fine-grained sorghums are less red in color, but sorghums with larger grains are redder. Also, coarser cherries are sweeter than the smaller ones. Follow along How Be there to fully familiarize yourself with the preparation of khakshir syrup.

Necessary ingredients to make khakshir syrup for 6 people:

cool water Six glasses
Rose Two tablespoons
Sugar A glass
Flixweed half a glass
Necessary ingredients to prepare khakshir syrup

Steps to make khakshir syrup:

How to make khakshir syrup

first stage:To make Khak Shir syrup (for six people), you will first need half a glass of Khak Shir.

second stage:Take a suitable container and fill it with water.

third level:Put half a glass of milk powder in a glass of water and let it stay in the water for five to ten minutes.

Fourth step:After the grains of milk soil have remained in the water for a long time, pass them through a sieve.

The fifth step:At this stage, you should wash the khakshir several times to completely remove the dust.

The sixth step:After you have washed the seeds of khakshir well, pour them into a pitcher in which you have poured six glasses of water.

The seventh step:Add a glass of sugar to the pitcher little by little and while adding sugar, stir well until the sugar grains dissolve in the water.

Last step:After the sugar dissolves, add rose water and stir for a few minutes (2-3 minutes).

How to prepare Khakshir Majlisi (saffron) syrup:

How to make khakshir syrup
Saffron khakshir syrup

It is very easy to make khakshir majlisi syrup. The concentration of Majlisi khashir syrup is higher than that of ordinary milk khashir syrup. You can prepare this delicious syrup according to the tips mentioned in the rest of the article and store it in prepared jars in the refrigerator. When necessary or when an uninvited guest arrives, pour two spoons of khakshir syrup into a glass and welcome your guest.

first stage:Take a pot and pour two to three glasses of water into it.

second stage:Put the pot on a gentle gas flame and stand over it and give it your attention and concentration.

third level:At this point you will need a glass of sugar. You should not add sugar all at once to the water you have heated. Be sure to do this with patience and full attention. Add sugar to the water little by little until it dissolves well and the coarse grains dissolve in the water. (If the sugar syrup you have prepared for this syrup is of the coarse grain type, reduce the amount of sugar a little, because the coarse grain syrup is a little sweet on its own.)

Fourth step:Little by little, the water you put on the flame will boil and your syrup will be thicker, at this stage you should add rose water. Two to three spoons of rose water are enough.

The fifth step:Pour the khashir that you have already prepared in a separate container and wash them well. The amount of milk you add at this stage will depend on the volume of your juice. (Half a glass of khakshir is enough for six people, but if you want to make more syrup, you can add more.)

The sixth step:After adding khakshir, it is time to add brewed saffron. One spoon of brewed saffron is enough for this syrup. Of course, if you want your syrup to have more color, you can add more brewed Zaghran to your syrup according to your taste.

The seventh step:At this point, your syrup is ready. You can turn off the gas to cool your syrup.

Eighth step:After your syrup has cooled completely (never pour hot syrup into glass containers), pour it into a glass container and close the lid tightly.

Last step:When serving a guest, just pour two spoons of syrup into a glass and add water and ice cubes to it.

How to prepare professional khakshir syrup and egg syrup

How to make khakshir syrup
Khakshir syrup and syrupy eggs

first stage:Pour half a cup of hard boiled eggs into a bowl and clean the inside well.

second stage:After cleaning the sherbet egg, put it in a container and rinse it several times. With this, the sand and dust of your syrup egg will be completely removed.

third level:After your syrupy eggs are completely cleaned, pour them into water a little so that they become a little more voluminous by absorbing water.

Fourth step:In a separate container, take half a glass of khashir and clean it well.

The fifth step:You should rinse and clean the khakshir several times.

The sixth step:Choose a small pot and pour half a cup of water into it. Light the flame on low heat.

The seventh step:Add sugar to the water and allow the sugar grains to dissolve well in the water.

Eighth step:Then add rose water. At this stage, let your juice thicken a little and turn off the flame.

Ninth step:At this point you will need two pitchers.

Tenth step:Pour some water inside one of the pitchers and add the juice you made. Then add the khakhshir that you have already rinsed and prepared.

Eleventh step:Pour some water, juice and syrup eggs into another pitcher.

The twelfth step:If you wish, you can add a little brewed saffron to these two pitchers. (This step is optional)

Thirteenth step:Put two pitchers in the refrigerator to cool down enough.

Fourteenth step:When serving, stir the khakshir well so that the khakshirs on the bottom of the pitcher are well mixed and come out.

Fifteenth step:Then pour the syrup into the glass.

Sixteenth step:Take a spoon and place it on the khakshir syrup and add the second layer, the egg syrup. Gently remove the spoon from the Shabbat. By doing this, you will see the formation of two-layer milk soil syrup with different colors.

Last step:Your double layer syrup is ready to serve.

final word

Khakshir syrup is one of the cool summer drinks that can be prepared in five minutes. There are many recipes for making khakshir syrup and it can be made in different ways. In this article, we comprehensively and completely introduced you step by step to the preparation of khakshir syrup in different types. We hope that we have been able to tell the necessary tips in how to make khakshir syrup and that you have made good use of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between using fine or coarse khakshir in preparing khakshir syrup?

Yes, both types of these sours are different in color and taste; Coarse khashir is slightly sweeter and bolder than fine khashir.

Is it possible to use sherbet eggs next to khakshir?

Yes, you can use sorbet eggs in addition to khakshir to make syrup.

Do we have to add saffron to the khakshir syrup?

No, adding saffron to khakshir syrup is due to the change in color and making the khakshir syrup pleasant, and there is no requirement to use saffron in making the syrup.

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