How to make friends with a girl

How to make friends with a girl

The first and most important thing you should know about women is that your failures in attracting the girl you like are not limited to one or dozens of reasons. The fact that many men think that the failure to attract the girl they like is only limited to a handful of cases is wrong. Social communication is a complex field where people may not like each other for any reason.

Therefore, if you fail a lot in your communication, you should look for a set of reasons. In this article from How We want to point out some of the important reasons that cause you to fail in communication with women. By knowing these reasons, you can easily put aside some of your mistakes and enter into an emotional relationship with your favorite girl. But what are these things?

1. Don’t talk philosophically

How to make friends with a girl

Girls are not interested in long conversations. Especially if this conversation is serious. Their goal in an argument is not to get to the truth. Rather, they use their emotions, feelings and hatred towards a subject. Therefore, when you have a dialogue with a girl, she pays more attention to your mental states, tone of voice, face and overall body language than to the content of your words.

2. Familiarize yourself with the concept of test sheet

It can be said that if you get to know the depth of the concept of sheet test, your overall view of the dialogues that women have with you will be different. You understand women’s sentences in a different way. This matter will help you not only to enter into a friendly relationship but also in your married life. You learn how to communicate with your partner. You realize that the meanings of what women say are something else and you had a wrong reaction to these words until this moment in your life.

How to make friends with a girl

Sheet test in the western environment is called the statements that are said by women to measure a man’s self-confidence and masculinity. The test sheet can also be expressed like this: “Any sentence from the side of women that challenges you.” for example:

You are chatting with a girl you like. He asks you about the reason he loves you. Someone who is not familiar with the concept of test sheet will answer this question completely with logic and reason. For example, he says: You are beautiful, or he talks about the closeness of the level of culture and ethics. But what happens here?

The best and the worst

The best way for a girl to react to your logical words is to confront you with other challenges. For example, he says that these are not reasons and that there are more beautiful people. Or in the worst possible case, your chat with that girl will go cold. After your long talk, he gives you a short answer and leaves. In this case, if you start arguing with that girl, you will get into more dead ends.

So the sentence why do you love me is a test sheet. Why? Because when you give a logical answer to that girl, you face more challenges. So, the first and biggest mistake you can make against such statements is to give a logical answer. Because, most of the time, the girl asks you these questions to gauge your reaction.

How to make friends with a girl

Be focused

Some sheet tests are meant to measure your mastery. For example, you send your photo and the other party tells you about how thin you are. Many boys lose themselves at this stage. For example, they say about the club they left, or they say that they were not like this in the past. But they don’t know that this is the worst answer they can give to their other side.

They don’t know that they will lose their answer and lose their prestige in the eyes of that girl. The answer that boys can give in response to such a sentence is to combine their sentence with self-confidence and a little humor and say that they inherited this characteristic from lucky Luke. In general, try to have a calculated reaction in sentences that intend to challenge you.

For example:

  • Do not react logically.
  • Avoid an answer that is associated with weakness and self-defeat.
  • Your reaction should not be an answer that is accompanied by a sharp attack.

3. Sense of masculinity

How to make friends with a girl

It can be said that most of the boys were interested in a girl who spent a lot of time with her, had a heartache and had an emotional feeling for that girl. But when they fell in love with that tool girl, they encountered a surprising answer from the girl’s side. Because the girl looked into the eyes of one of the boy’s brothers from the beginning. Do you know the reason for this?

This is a bit complicated. But if we want to talk about it very briefly, we must say that in order for a woman to find a feeling for a man (which is suitable for a relationship with him), in addition to an emotional feeling, she must also have a sexual feeling for that person. Most guys are like a same-sex friend to a girl. Because, instead of emitting male energy, they had female energy. In this case, the girl will not receive male energy from you. A girl needs to feel like she’s interacting with a guy in order to feel you.

4. Be a challenge

How to make friends with a girl

Basically, women love an exciting relationship. They hate boring relationships. They don’t like you to be found. If you are reading this article as a man, you must have experienced that women who easily establish excessive (intimate) relationships with other men are discouraging and may destroy your feelings.

The occurrence of cases like this is far more sensitive for men who are in the phase of attracting their favorite girl. Because this feeling is much stronger for girls. Now, by understanding this issue, it is easy to understand that men who behave like this with the women around them are easily overlooked. If they feel that a man is obtained, they cannot look at him as a romantic partner.

be careful

The point is that many girls who do not look at boys as a romantic partner and feel more like a brother to that person, feel that that person is easy to get. But do you know what to do in such a situation? In such a case, you should not let your favorite girl know that you are interested in her. Of course, you should not attribute this feeling to your favorite girl. If you make such a mistake you will lose him. So, not being a challenge for the girl and making her feel that you are an acquired person is the issue that keeps you away from your desired emotional relationship.

last word

So far, you have met some of the common problems that men face in dealing with women and dialogue. Things that maybe most men consider as normal and natural. By not taking into account some of the points mentioned in the following text, some men remain in the stage of proposing to the other party and cannot pass this stage well and take their relationship forward more seriously.

For this reason, we recommend that you improve your communication skills over time by taking the help of the points mentioned in the upcoming article and solving the problems you have in your interactions and take steps for your life better than before.

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