How to apply artificial nails

How to glue artificial nails

There are many options for beautifying natural nails. But one of the easiest and cheapest ways is to use artificial nails. Artificial nails are available in various models and materials in the market, which can be purchased according to quality, size, length and shortness. Note that you must go through certain steps to use artificial nails. Because if you perform the steps incorrectly, you will cause irreparable damage to your nails. In order to go through the steps of gluing artificial nails in a precise and principled way, you can use the methods mentioned in this article. How We have left it at your disposal to take action.

What tools do we need to attach artificial nails?

How to glue artificial nails
  • nail glue
  • Artificial nails with the size of each person’s nails
  • Nail clipper
  • Nail file
  • Nail manicure tools
  • Nail polish remover
  • Cotton or linen pad
  • nail buffer
  • cotton swab
  • scissor
  • Work steps

The first stage

First, the nails must be cleaned. Artificial nails are glued on natural nails without varnish. For this reason, if you have nail polish on your nails, remove it first and then wash and clean your hands well.

Note that all parts of the hand, nails and nail cuticle must be well dried. So do this carefully so that they open a point of your attention.

The second stage

How to apply artificial nails

In the second stage, the nails should be arranged so that the artificial nail can be seen on the nails in the most clean way possible. For this work of tools manicure It is used and the cuticle of the nails and extra flesh is removed. If you are doing this at home, note that it may be a bit tedious to remove the cotyl. For this reason, you can use a little numbing spray for this. Also, try to keep your nails as short as possible.

third level

Take the artificial nails out of the box and then put the right nails aside.

The fourth stage

If you are right-handed, focus on your right hand first, and if you are left-handed, focus on your left hand.

Before you start gluing, first of all, note that you are not allowed to use any type of glue. So be sure to choose the glue for artificial nails. Otherwise, you will cause serious damage to your natural nails. Also, pay attention to the expiration date of the glue you use for this.

How to apply artificial nails

You put one dot of glue (no more, no less) on your natural nail and another dot on the artificial nail. Note that you should not overdo the glue. Because the adhesives are pushed out after placing the artificial nails and take the beautiful appearance of the nails.

The fifth stage

How to apply artificial nails

Remove the nails that you have already removed (for each finger). The nails should be placed exactly above the nail cuticle. Place the nail flat on the nail and press a little so that there is no gap between the artificial nail and your own nail. Continue this for ten seconds. In these ten seconds, no bubbles should come out from under your nails.

If you see that a little of your nail glue is sticking out, you can take a clean ear and clean the corners of your nails with it.


How to apply artificial nails

In the final stage, artificial nails should be carefully checked. If you like the size and shape of the nails, there is no need to change the shape of the nails. But if you want to shape the edges of artificial nails, take a nail file and go through this step slowly. The point at this stage is that you should let the glue under the nails dry enough and then start filing.

After you are sure that the nails are firmly in place, you can start your work. Also, note that in filing artificial nails, do not put pressure on the nails in any way. Because, in such a case, the nails may be pulled out of their place and they will bother you to redo the previous steps. So don’t rush.

Sticking artificial gel nails

Artificial gel nails are one of the types of nails that have recently entered the market. Using these nails is much easier than sticking simple artificial nails. Of course, artificial gel nails have two types. One of the types of artificial nails with uv rays are glued This type of artificial nails can be applied by nail technicians. Unless you buy the UV device separately and use it at home.

There are other types of artificial nails that can be applied without the use of a UV device and do not have the difficulty of going through the previous steps. To use this type of artificial nails, you melt the gel part of the back of the nail and then place it on the nail. You can use a hair dryer for this. In order for the artificial gel nails to stick well on your nails, it is better to put your finger on them for a few seconds. After a few seconds, the gels dry and stick easily on natural nails.

Even the method of removing these artificial nails is with a hair dryer. Just apply some heat from the hair dryer on these nails so that they can be removed easily. Artificial gel nails can be used several times depending on their quality.

in the end

Using artificial nails is an immediate and temporary method that adds to the beauty of your nails in addition to having very low and cost-effective costs. But it should be noted that using this method is temporary and cannot be done permanently. Because nails need light and air for nourishment, and if you use this nail beautifying tool for a long time, you will actually damage your nails.

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