How to install GTA V on Android + GTA 5 Android installation tutorial

How to install GTA V on Android + GTA 5 Android installation tutorial

It is safe to say that the GTA game is one of the most popular video game series in the world and due to the high age of this series, its fans are in wide age ranges. One of the memorable versions of this game is GTA 5 or San Andreas. The mobile version of this game is also available for the Android operating system. In this article from How We will teach you how to install GTA 5 for Android as well as other unofficial releases of the GTA sequel. If you want to experience GTA 5 on your Android mobile phone, follow this article till the end.

How to install GTA 5 for Android

To install the GTA 5 game for Android, you need to download the GTA 5 game on your phone in the first step. To download GTA 5 or GTA San Andreas, it is enough to search for the word download GTA 5 for Android in Google. Then, by entering one of the sites, access its download links.

Due to its large size, GTA 5 has a data file that must be downloaded separately and along with the game installation file with the APK extension. Be careful that the GTAV game mod file has a large volume. You will need about 2 GB of internet to download this game.

After downloading the installation file and game data file, open the installation file and install it on your phone like other Android applications.

After installing GTA 5 on the phone, find the data file through programs such as RAR or Zarchiver and decompress it. To do this in the RAR program, it is enough to keep your finger on the data file with the zip extension. Then, from the menu that opens, select Extract here.

How to install GTA V on Android + GTA 5 Android installation tutorial
Keep your finger on the downloaded data and then select Extract here option from the opened menu.

After extracting the data file, find the extracted GTA folder and move it to the obb folder in the Android folder. Be careful to transfer the extracted folder completely and intact to the obb folder.

How to install GTA V on Android + GTA 5 Android installation tutorial
Place the game data folder in the Android/obb address without changing its name.

After the transfer is finished, you can simply run the GTA 5 game.

How to install GTA V and other versions of GTA on Android

If you are planning to install GTA V, you should note that no official version of GTA V has been released so far. The available versions of this game are not official and are not optimal for running on all devices. Some versions of GTA V are actually GTA San Andreas with GTA V mod. Other versions also do not run properly on many phones due to being heavy and not optimized.

However, if you want to install GTA V on your phone, you just need to download the APK file and the game data file as in the tutorial above. Then install the APK file on your phone and extract the data file using the introduced programs. Now put the extracted folder in Android/obb path and run the game.

In some versions of GTA for Android, there is no data file. In this case, it is enough to install the game on your phone after downloading and run it.

Before downloading and installing GTA 5 or other versions of this game, make sure that your phone’s hardware is powerful enough and has the ability to run the game. If your mobile phone hardware is weak, do not download this game.


Installing GTA 5 for Android is the same as installing other games with data and there is no difference in installing GTA 5 for Android with games with data. It is enough to download the installation file and the compressed file of the game data. Then, while installing the installation file, place the folder inside the compressed data file in Android/obb location.

Other unofficial versions of the GTA sequel are not suitable in terms of size and optimization and do not run on many Android devices. Therefore, if you intend to use these versions, before downloading it, make sure that it is running correctly on your Android device.

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