How to install and set up Bank Refah companion

How to install and set up Bank Refah companion

In the not-so-distant past, we had to go to the bank in person and stand in long queues to do the smallest banking and financial affairs, but with the unveiling of the electronic banking system and mobile banking services, the situation has completely changed. Today, all banks in Iran have their own bank mobile service, as a result, there is no need to go to the bank or ATMs for many things. Refah Bank is not exempted from this rule, and Refah Bank customers can install and activate their Refah Bank Mobile to make their work easier. In this article from How We will teach the installation and activation of Refah Bank in full audio. Join us.

Installation and activation training with Refah Bank

To benefit from the digital banking facilities of Refah Bank, you can install and set up your Refah Bank mobile phone in the simplest way. Be careful that to activate the Refah Bank mobile phone, you must go to one of the Refah Bank branches and activate the Refah Bank mobile phone. To install and set up with Refah Bank, it is enough to proceed according to the instruction below.

Installation with Refah Bank

The first step in installing and setting up Bank Refah Mobile is to install the Mobile Bank application or Bank Refah Mobile on your mobile phone.

first stage: Go to the official website of Refah Bank and select the Mobile Bank option from the electronic services tab.

How to install and set up Bank Refah companion
Enter the Refah Bank website and click on the Mobile Bank option from the electronic services section.

second stage: Scroll down the opened page and click on one of the download links provided on this page depending on the operating system of your phone. Then install the downloaded file on your phone.

How to install and set up Bank Refah companion
Depending on your operating system, use the appropriate download link.

Launching with Refah Bank

To set up Bank Refah Mobile, you need to activate it by visiting one of Bank Refah branches. So, go to one of the branches of Refah Bank and apply for the activation of your Refah Bank mobile phone. By activating Refah Bank Mobile, the bank will give you a paper containing username and password. Use this username and password to set up Refah Bank Mobile.

first stage: Enter the mobile application of Refah Bank and click on the yes option.

second stage: Enter the username received from the bank in the username box and then click on the activation option.

third level: Now, on the opened page, enter the mobile number given by the bank in the mobile number box, enter it and click on the continue option. Now wait for the confirmation code to be sent to your mobile number. Be careful that you are only allowed to use the mobile number that you gave to the bank when opening the account.

Fourth step: Enter your activation code in the received activation code box and click continue.

The fifth step: Now click on one of the options of simple mode or standard mode. It is recommended to use the simple mode option.

The sixth step: Now enter a username and password in the username and password boxes and click on the login option. To save your username, you can also activate the option to save username.

The seventh step: At the first login, Refah Bank will ask you to change your password. Then enter your current password in the current password box. Then enter the new password you want in the next two boxes and click on the confirmation option.

Congratulations, you have successfully launched your Refah Bank Mobile. From now on, you can simply log in to your Bank Refah Mobile and use the features of Bank Refah Mobile using the selected username and password.

Security tips regarding the use of Refah Bank Mobile

Be careful to download the mobile application of Refah Bank only through the official website of Refah Bank or completely reliable sources. Because downloading Refah Bank from other sources may cause your information to be stolen and cause you to face many problems.

Also, refrain from providing your Refah Bank mobile account login information to others. For more security of your Refah Bank mobile account, do not save your username and password in your phone and protect this information well. If you need to write down your username and password, put it in a safe place away from others.

Mobile features of Refah Bank

Imagine the time when you had to go to the bank and ATMs to do even the smallest things. At that time, not too long ago, we had to take time off to do banking and financial affairs and wait in long queues at banks or spend a lot of time behind ATM machines. The emergence of mobile banks made it possible for us to do a huge part of our banking work in just a few seconds with our mobile phones. Among the main features of Refah Bank, the following can be mentioned.

  • Transfer money from card to card
  • Paya and Satna money transfer
  • Paying bills
  • View balance and recent transactions
  • View check status
  • to buy credit
  • Payment of insurance premiums
  • loan payments
  • Registration in SJAM

In general, by using Bank Refah Mobile, you can manage your Bank Refah accounts well and do most of your financial affairs in the blink of an eye.

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