How to clean jewelry at home

How to clean jewelry at home

You must know that gold changes its color due to the passage of time, along with cosmetics and hygiene products, and even body sweat, and it no longer has that lasting shine. That’s why it is necessary to clean them once in a while to return the gold to its original shine. In this article from How We have provided you with effective methods, before which we need to listen to some tips. First of all, we must say that gold should not be washed more than once or twice a year. Because it may even put the result of the photo on your gold and make it black.

The blackening of gold depends on the carat, the higher the carat, the later the gold will blacken. Well, now that we know where the root of the problem comes from and why the blackening of the gold and jewelry we buy, we can safely come up with a series of solutions. We suggest you to clean your gold once in a while (don’t forget once or twice a year not more) and return it to its former shine. But what are these methods?

Methods of cleaning gold

There are many methods for cleaning gold, which differ depending on whether precious stones are used in your jewelry or not. For this reason, we first examine the methods for cleaning gold that do not use precious stones. After finishing these methods, we will go to the methods with which you can distinguish a ring with a stone or any jewel that is used in the stone. So shall we start now?

1-Cleaning gold with dishwashing liquid

Let me tell you a very important point from the beginning that you might be interested in knowing. You know that to clean blackened gold, you should not use dishwashing liquid Phosphate Are we using it? Do you know that this will cause gold to corrode? So, you choose a dishwashing liquid that does not use phosphate at all. What do we need?

Dishwashing liquid without phosphate a few drops
lukewarm water A cup
soft toothbrush a number
small bowl a number
Our hands are soft and lint-free a number

Where do we start now?

  • Take the bowl and pour a cup of water into it.
  • Add a few drops of your dishwashing liquid to it. Stir once to mix well with your dishwashing liquid.
  • You let the ring or any piece of gold that you want to clean stay in the water for fifteen minutes and get wet.
  • Then you take a soft toothbrush and it cleans the surface of your gold from black.
How to clean jewelry at home

Never use coarse toothbrushes for this. Because it is possible that the surface of your gold will be scratched. When you brush the surface of the gold, be sure to do it very slowly.

Also, use a soft, lint-free towel to dry the gold.

2-Cleaning gold with sweet boiling

what do we need

Water Two cups
baking soda A tablespoon
Aluminum foil sheet To the extent necessary
Pyrex pan a number
Boiling milk a number
Soft and lint-free napkin a number
  • Take a kettle and pour two cups of water into it and let it boil well.
  • Then take a pyrex pan and wrap it with a layer of foil and gently press the pyrex surface with your hand until it takes the shape of the pan.
  • Put the gold on the foil.
  • Pour a tablespoon of baking soda on the gold.
  • Add two cups of water that has been boiled on the boiling milk and let it stand for five minutes. Here, a chemical reaction takes place between baking soda and aluminum foil, which cleans the gold.
  • After five minutes, remove the gold with a tool that won’t burn your hand (like a fork) and run it under cold water until it cools down.
How to clean jewelry at home
  • Take a soft, lint-free towel and dry your gold well.

3-Cleaning gold with ammonia

what do we need

gloves one pair
Ammonia Half a teaspoon
dishwashing liquid (without phosphate) a few drops
soft toothbrush a number
sponge a number
Pliers a number
Soft and lint-free napkin a number

First of all, we must say that if you use this option to clean your gold, you must be careful so that the materials you use do not drip anywhere and do not touch your skin. So you have to do this by hand. Then you should know that this work should be done in a game space. Because we want to work with ammonia and this substance is also dangerous. So if you have a balcony, take all your things and go there to start our work.

How to remove stains from clothes

  • Well, put on your gloves and take a bowl and pour a cup of lukewarm water into it.
  • dishwashing liquid and half a teaspoon Ammonia Add it to your solution and then stir it with a sponge.
  • Put your gold piece into the solution. Do this in such a way that the roton solution does not splash. Be very careful.
How to clean jewelry at home
  • Let it stay in the solution for ten seconds and then remove it with a pair of pliers.
  • Take your soft toothbrush and gently clean your gold with it. Do this on top of your solution. Because we don’t want this material to drip anywhere.
  • Then take the gold under cold water for a minute and that’s it.
  • Of course, I would like to add one thing, to make sure that all the materials are well removed from your gold piece, it is better to scratch the water extraction stage several times. For this, you can use the sponge again.
  • Next, you can dry it with a soft, lint-free towel.
  • There is another way to purify gold, which has no other result than causing you financial loss. so what is that Purification of tarnished gold with Sarcast. Because vinegar is acidic and causes gold to corrode, our preference is to tell you that you should never use this substance to clean your gold.

How to distinguish our jewelry that has precious stones and gems

Precious stones and gems cannot be distinguished by the above methods because they have a more sensitive texture. That’s why we said at the beginning of the article that if your gold has gems or stones, don’t clean it with the above methods. Be careful with jewelry. So, what should we do with them so that they will shine like the first day?

what do we need

lukewarm water
Cotton handkerchief two items
soap powder
  • First, we make a solution with soap powder and water.
  • We take one of our handkerchiefs (which must be cotton) and put it in the solution.
  • Then we take the excess water from the napkin and wipe it on the ring stone or any piece we have to clean it. You have to do this very slowly.
  • Then we take that one handkerchief and moisten it a little and then rub it on the gem and ring to wash off the solution of soap and water.
How to clean jewelry at home
  • Finally, the ring must be dry. Because if water and moisture remain in it, it is more likely to crack.

so easily If you know a solution that can help us purify our gold, we will be happy to share it with us. Thank you for being with us until this point in the article and for following us carefully.


The gold that you buy will turn black according to its carat and the metals that are used in it. For example, a perfect gold will not turn black. As you know, pure gold is the same 24 carat gold that is combined with other precious metals such as copper and silver. So, the higher the carat of your gold, the blackening of your gold will stop. In this article, we tried to tell you some methods so that you can clean and polish your gold and jewelry at home. If you know another method for this, share with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it less than six grams of gold?

No, all the mentioned methods to clean your gold in this way do not reduce its value.

Do you need special tools to clean gold?

No, in this how we tried to teach you methods for cleaning gold so that you can easily clean gold at home without special tools.

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