How to install and register Clubhouse + send invitation

How to install and register Clubhouse + send invitation

These days, when the discussion of the Clubhouse program in the virtual world has become one of the most discussed, many of us are looking for the installation and launch of this program. How Be sure that we are going to be with you from installation to activation of Hush Club.


The progress of communication science and the conditions of the pandemic Corona virus For this earth, it has forced the people of the world more than ever to do their daily tasks and tasks offline and online as much as possible. As we know, this epidemic had a direct impact on the amount of internet and social networks consumption, so that users of virtual space who were active in Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. applications spent more hours of the day and night on Instagram with the start of the Corona pandemic. they did. But as the current situation continued, people’s enthusiasm for spending time on Instagram and other social networks gradually subsided. It is predicted that in the not-so-distant future, the world’s people will be so busy that they will no longer want to use photo-oriented social networks.

So far this question may have occurred to you that in the future, in which direction will the users move? Considering the mentioned cases and the investment of well-known people, it is expected that the applications and networks in which the communication center is voice messages will have a good yield. For example, applications such as: Cassette Box, Taqcheh, etc. are typical examples of these orientations. clubhouseis an application that has recently become popular.

How to install and register Clubhouse + send invitation


Clubhouse is a sound application. In this program, you will not see anything like sharing images or videos, and the only way users can communicate with each other is based on voice. Another thing you should keep in mind while working with this application is that all the communication and calls that take place in this application are live. This means that you will not be able to access the calls and voice communications that you had in the past.

Maybe you have been asked that people can use external applications such as screen recorder, call recorder, etc. record audio or video from the calls, in this regard, we must say that in the initial versions of Club House, these actions were not allowed in any way, but with the release of the Android version of Club House, it is possible to record speeches for Users of this application are provided. Clubhouse is a social network like Instagram, Twitch, Pinterest, etc., but there are many differences in it. In the beginning, Club House was launched for both Android and iPhone versions, but due to the problems and defects that were seen in the Android version of Club House, the parent company decided to suspend the Android versions of Club House. After a while, it was fixed and the link to download Android versions was placed again in Google Play.

Registering and setting up the clubhouse

Surely, you have been active in at least one social network and you are somewhat familiar with the working process of such applications. Like most messengers, Clubhouse requires registration and opening an account and asks for your phone number upon login. It doesn’t matter if the phone number is in your own name, but note that Clubhouse will send an SMS to the phone number you entered to authenticate you, so it is necessary that the phone number is available to you. After entering the code, it’s time to choose a username, where users choose a name for their user account based on their name, nickname, brand, job, etc.

Clubhouse program invitation letter

In all active social networks, after going through the mentioned steps, people are allowed to work in the application, but this is not the case in Club House! If you follow the steps mentioned above step by step, you will only be able to sit on the waiting list and reserve your desired username. It may take a few days for the Clubhouse experts to accept your request and allow you to use this application.

As soon as your permission to enter the clubhouse is issued, 2 invitations will be given to you, with the help of which you can invite two of your friends. Obviously, another way to use the Clubhouse is to have someone close to you send you an invitation.

The idea that people will no longer be able to invite friends after using up their invitations is completely wrong. Because it is possible that after some time of activity in the clubhouse, this application will reactivate a number of invitations for its users, which often include more than 2 invitations that have been reactivated. It is expected that Club House will soon remove the need to use invitations from its agenda and users will be able to perform activities in this application without any worries.

Registration in the clubhouse without the need for an invitation!

One of the policies used by the Club House developers was the hard access of users to the Club House! Basically, the harder people find something, the more they value it, and of course, they show more effort to achieve it. Some may not accept these applications, but Club House owes its popularity to such policies of its developers, along with extensive advertising! Of course, don’t worry, according to Club House managers, this program will be available to users this summer without an invitation.

The possibility of downloading Club House for Android was also provided

As it was said, the Clubhouse program was first officially released for phones with Android and iOS operating systems, but the Android version of this program was soon unavailable due to existing security problems! Of course, this absence did not continue and after a few months, the Android version of Clubhouse became available to users of phones with this operating system. If you are among those who have an iPhone and want to create an Apple ID, you can go to the related page How to make an Apple ID Visit this site.

Android friends should note that the original version of this program is available to the public for free, and to use Club House, never download Club House; Because most unofficial programs have security bugs and damage your phone.


If you are looking for a program where you can easily discuss with users in a safe environment by creating a group to hold your classes and conferences, Club House can be a unique program in this field.

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