How to apply lipstick professionally

How to apply lipstick professionally

Nowadays, having a beautiful appearance is one of the most important concerns of beauty lovers. Lipstick is known as one of the most popular cosmetic items among women, so a collection of lipsticks with a variety of colors can always be seen on women’s makeup tables. Using a beautiful and colorful lipstick on your lips boosts your mood and at the same time brightens your lips and makes them soft and tender and helps to preserve their youth.

In the meantime, you may have come up with the question, how can I make up my lips professionally and flawlessly? What do we do when applying blush to create an unpleasant effect on our face? Most women think that applying lipstick is very simple and easy and it is like painting a painting. But you should note that in order to achieve a good result, it is not enough to just apply lipstick on the lips and be careful that it does not come out from the corners of the lips. In this article, we will teach you how to apply lipstick correctly and by following a few tips better than before and multiply the beauty of your face.

Important points before applying lipstick

Before applying blush, I have to tell you a few things at the beginning of the work. If the skin of your lips is dry and peeling due to various conditions, be sure to use a scrub to exfoliate the dead lip tissue before applying lipstick. The skin of the lips may have become more sensitive due to exfoliation, so use a lip moisturizer immediately after exfoliation. This will make the lost moisture return to your lips and the dead tissues of the lips will be revived, and as a result, you will have smooth and even skin for makeup.

Paying attention to this point can help you in creating beautiful and attractive lips. You friends can use lip balm to care for your lips and moisturize them. Also, Vaseline and vitamin E help in making the lips soft and smooth.

Today, exfoliating and hydrating the lips is known as a cosmetic trick and is usually used before lip makeup and is not exclusive to chapped lips. After using moisturizers, allow about a quarter of an hour for it to be nicely absorbed by your lips and then start applying makeup.

How to apply lipstick professionally

If you also like to make up your lips artistically and are looking for the correct techniques and methods of applying lipstick to make your face more attractive, stay with us in the rest of this article.

Step-by-step professional lipstick application tutorial

first stage

Dear ladies, before you start working with lipstick, it is necessary to use a cosmetic foundation in addition to moisturizing your lips. Using a make-up base makes the skin of the lips smooth and uniform and increases the longevity of the lipstick on the lips. You can use a powder cream, concealer or pancake in a very small amount on the lips and spread and fade it with a makeup pad or your finger.

How to apply lipstick professionally

second stage

After preparing the lip makeup base, it is time to choose the right lip liner and lipstick. Using these two together gives a unique effect to your lips. Before drawing the lip line, pay attention to the shape of your lips. If your lips are thin and you want to make them appear more prominent and voluminous, you should use a lip liner with a shade darker than your lipstick. But if your lips are prominent like Angelina Jolie’s lips, you should use a lip liner of the same color as your lipstick.

Using lip liner is one of the most important makeup tricks. Using it prevents the spreading of lipstick around the lips, making the lips well-shaped and highlighting them, and its presence in the make-up makes the lips more polished and beautiful. But the point that should be taken into account is the correct way to draw the lip line on the lips. So that drawing the lip line incorrectly creates an unpleasant appearance against your will and destroys all your efforts in an instant.

third level

In this section, I would like to introduce you to the correct way to apply lip liner. There are different ways to do this, and we will examine each of them below.

  • To draw the lip line, first start from the edge of the upper lips and extend towards the center. Line the lower lips in the same way.
  • Another way to draw the lip line is to first draw the heart-shaped arch, or in other words, the upper seven lips, with a lip pencil. After that, draw a lip line in the middle of the lower lip. Then start drawing from the upper and lower corners of the lips. After finishing the work, erase the edge of the lip line with a medium brush.
  • Another way to draw the lip line is to draw a cross mark in the heart area of ​​the upper lip with a lip pencil. Then draw a line in the center of the lower lip. Then draw a line from the two corners of the lips and connect it to the previously drawn area.
How to apply lipstick professionally

Important tips when applying lip liner

– It is recommended to avoid drawing the lip line above the lips. This method was used in the old days to make the lips look bigger, but today it is considered one of the worst cosmetic habits. It is recommended to forget this model of blushing because it does not make the lips look beautiful at all and makes them look out of their natural state. Don’t put color on your lips because it will make you look older.

How to draw eyeliner

Professional eyeliner training

The fourth stage

After applying lip liner, it’s time to use a nice colored lipstick suitable for your lips. Consider the starting point for applying lipstick at the bottom corner of the lip and extend it to the other side of the lip. Before applying the lipstick to the upper lips, rub the lips together so that some of the lipstick is transferred to the upper lips. This helps the lipstick spread better. Then, to apply lipstick to the upper lips, start from the crown of the lips and extend it towards the outer edges. If you want your lips to be more voluminous, don’t neglect happy colors.

How to apply lipstick professionally

The fifth stage

Some women like to have prominent lips, if you are one of these people, we suggest you use a white pencil to highlight your lips after applying blush. How to use it on thin and thick lips is different from each other. If your lips are narrow, draw the white pencil completely on the line under the lower lip and the crown of the lip, and if you have thick lips, highlight the middle of the lower lips with a white pencil. Next, fade them so that they sit completely on the surface of the lips and take on a natural effect.

How to apply lipstick professionally

Final level

At the end of the make-up, if you see the blush sticking out or spreading, clean it with a brush dipped in concealer or powder cream. Also, at the end of the work, take a tissue and wipe off the excess lipstick from the lips. By fixing the lipstick, the lips will no longer look artificial and the lipstick will stay on the lips for a longer time.

How to apply lipstick professionally

final word

The effect of lipstick on the attractiveness and beauty of women is evident to everyone, in such a way that by using it, your smile becomes more pleasant and beautiful, and its absence in facial makeup brings a completely soulless face. Flower ladies, we have mentioned all the correct techniques and methods of applying lipstick for you. Since old times, saying in a hurry is a naughty thing, so if you want to have a beautiful make-up, be sure to carefully and delicately follow all the mentioned points.

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