How to get Irancell emergency charge + command code

How to get Irancell emergency charge + command code

Irancell emergency charging is one of the various services that this operator provides to its users, through which users can connect to the network and use the services of this operator in emergency situations when their SIM cards run out of charge. If your SIM card has expired and you cannot recharge it for any reason, you can use your own SIM card through this service.

Of course, there are two important conditions for using this service:

1- At least three months have passed since the purchase of the SIM card.

2- You have recharged your SIM card at least 10 thousand tomans per month.

If you have these two conditions, you can use the following methods How It is mentioned that you should take Irancell emergency charge. It should also be noted that the cost of emergency charging will be automatically deducted from your next credit. For every 500 Tomans emergency charge, you have to pay a fee of 50 Tomans. Of course, if you get emergency internet, only the cost of the package will be automatically deducted from your account in the next recharge.

How to get Irancell emergency recharge

1- Through SMS

The easiest way to receive Irancell’s emergency recharge is to send the required amount of recharge via SMS up to 100,000 Rials to 815. Note that the numbers typed in the SMS must be in English.

Using this SMS system is completely free, and if you are eligible to receive an emergency charge, your SIM card will be charged to the required amount.

2- By dialing the code *815#

Another method through which you can get an emergency charge from Irancell is to dial Irancell’s free emergency charge code, i.e. *815#. By dialing this code, Irancell’s emergency service menu will be displayed to you and you can receive an emergency charge of 500 Tomans by entering the number 1. Also, on this page, you can find out the status and amount of your debt in the emergency service by entering the number 5.

How to get Irancell emergency charge + command code

If you want to receive emergency internet, you can dial number 2 to receive one-day internet and enter number 3 to receive one-week free internet. If you want to activate your 30-day emergency internet package, just enter the number 4. On the next pages, the available volumes of the emergency package will be displayed to you, and by entering the corresponding number, you can activate the desired package.

3- Using my Irancell

The last method to activate Irancell’s emergency recharge package or emergency internet is to use Irancell Man. You can benefit from this service by using the application or web version of Irancell Man. After entering the application, you can choose one of the options of emergency charging or emergency internet depending on your needs, so that if you are eligible, these packages will be activated for you.

How to get Irancell emergency charge + command code

How to cancel Irancell emergency charging

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel Irancell’s emergency charging service, and in case of activation, you must use the credit that is intended for you and pay for it after using it.

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