How to activate Windows 10 for computers and laptops

In order to use all the features of Windows 10, you need to activate it. Activating Windows 10 is easy and you can do it without any technical knowledge. Stay with us until the end How Join us to review the Windows 10 activation tutorial together:

Limitations of Windows 10 with inactive license

If you do not activate the Windows 10 license, you will face the following restrictions:

  • Unable to receive Windows 10 update packages
  • Limitation of facilities and tools such as Microsoft Store
  • Receive multiple messages and warnings to activate Windows 10
  • Lower security than active Windows
  • The possibility of restricting access to the Windows environment

How to activate Windows 10 for laptops and computers

you after Installing Windows 10 You can activate it in two legal and illegal ways (through cracking). In Iran, most of the people crack their own windows and therefore they will incur much lower costs. However, if needed, you can legally activate Windows 10 by paying more. In the following, we will teach you both methods.

1- Training to activate Windows 10 legally

To activate Windows 10 legally, you must first purchase a Windows 10 license from a reputable store. This license has several types, the most complete of which is the Enterprise version, followed by the Pro version. The Home version is considered the cheapest Windows license, which has fewer features than other versions, but is suitable for home users. After choosing and buying the license you need, follow the activation steps according to the following guide:

  • Enter the Windows settings by right-clicking on the Windows logo at the bottom left of the screen and selecting the Settings option.
  • On this page, select Update & Security and click on Activation in the side menu.
  • In the window that opens, select the Change Product Key option and enter the license you have purchased in the relevant box.
  • Finally, click on the Next option to complete the process of activating Windows 10 legally.

2- Cracked activation of Windows 10

To activate Windows 10 in a cracked form, you need KMS Auto crack software, which you can download and install from Google. After installation, right-click on the icon of this program and select Run as Administrator to run with full permissions.

After running, you will see the Activate Windows option in the main tab of this software. Click on this option and wait until you see the message Your System is Activated. After seeing this message, the steps to activate Windows 10 have been completed. However, if you did not see this message or if you encountered an error message, you must perform the mentioned steps once more to activate your Windows 10.

pay attention: If you see the following image after running the program, just select number 1 so that the program will automatically activate Windows 10.

How to activate Windows 10 for computers and laptops

final word

The experience of using activated Windows 10 is very different. By activating Windows 10, you can safely use all the features of Windows in all versions. This will help you run Windows 10 more smoothly. If you are using Windows 11, you can go to this page How to activate Windows 11 See.

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