Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

Over time, mobile phones have played a very important role in our lives. So much so that if we leave our mobile phone at home one day, a huge part of our work will be disturbed. Frequent use of programs and connecting the phone to the Internet data has caused the battery of our phones to drain quickly and need to be recharged. Since working with the phone while charging the battery has a negative effect on the performance of the battery, we have introduced solutions to quickly charge the phone battery. So with us in this article from the site How come along

Phone battery performance:

First, it is necessary to draw your attention to the performance of the phone’s battery. Unlike other batteries, the phone battery is always being used. Even when your phone is charging, your phone’s hardware and apps running in the background are using your battery.

The harder your hardware works by running apps, the slower your phone’s battery charges.

Solutions to increase the speed of phone battery charging

Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

To charge your phone’s battery fast, you need to reduce the pressure on your phone’s hardware. This can be done by closing unnecessary programs, turning off some features and other things that we will introduce.

1- Close all your programs:

Apps use your phone’s CPU and RAM to run. This also increases the rate of draining your battery.

So, to quickly charge your phone’s battery, exit all programs. By doing this, the power consumption of your phone’s CPU and RAM will decrease. As a result, the process of charging your phone’s battery will be done faster.

2- Turn off your phone screen:

Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

Screens have the largest share of mobile phone battery consumption. The longer your screen is on and the brighter it is, the faster your phone’s battery will drain.

So if you want to charge your phone battery quickly, turn off the screen. Also, to increase the battery life of your phone, reduce the auto-off time of your screen and its brightness.

3- Activate airplane mode:

Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

It may be interesting to know that searching for SIM card antenna increases the battery consumption of your phone. That’s why in places with few antennas, your phone’s battery will drain faster than normal.

For this reason, if you are not waiting for an urgent call, put your phone in airplane mode to charge your phone’s battery quickly. If this is not possible for you, turn off the Internet of your SIM card so that your phone can be charged faster.

4 – Turn off Wi-Fi, hotspot and Bluetooth:

If we want to compare Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Bluetooth battery consumption, Hotspot comes first. Turning on the hotspot will quickly drain the phone’s battery and greatly reduce the charging speed of your battery. To quickly charge your phone’s battery, be sure to turn off the hotspot.

Also, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth slow down the charging speed of the phone, and it is better to turn them off when charging your phone’s battery.

5- Using the original phone adapter:

One of the reasons for late charging of the phone battery is the use of non-original adapters. Always use the adapter that comes with your mobile phone. If the adapter you use does not have enough power, your mobile phone will charge more slowly.

For example, if your phone supports 21W fast charging, you should use a 21W adapter to fast charge your phone, and if the adapter used has a lower wattage, your phone will charge slower.

If you have lost your adapter, try to get an adapter with the same specifications as your original adapter.

6- Charging via laptop:

Sometimes it happens that you need to charge your phone’s battery but do not have access to a power outlet. At this time, you can charge your phone’s battery through your laptop, but pay attention to some points.

Most laptops will cut off motherboard power to ports when they go into Sleep or Hibernate mode. As a result, the charging of your phone may be successful and you will wait for your phone to charge, unaware of this issue. To avoid this issue, change the automatic sleep time of your laptop. You can also press one of the buttons on your laptop every few minutes to prevent your laptop from going to sleep mode.

7- Turn off the mobile phone:

Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

As we said before, running apps in the background of the phone will consume more battery. If you close all your extra apps, your phone’s operating system and system apps will still run in the background of your phone. Therefore, to charge your phone quickly, you can turn off your phone completely. In this case, the consumption of the phone will be as low as possible and the battery will be charged as quickly as possible.

8- Using a powerful power bank:

If you use your phone frequently and do not have access to a power source, get a strong power bank. Power banks have a lot of variety and this variety confuses buyers. Pay attention to the fact that a suitable power bank must have a good output power in addition to a suitable capacity. For example, a 15W power bank has a low charging speed.

If you do not find the power of the power bank in its specifications, you can multiply the output ampere and the output voltage to get the output power value. For example, the output power of a power bank with an output current of 2.6 amps and an output voltage of 5 volts is equal to 13 watts.

Other tips for fast phone battery charging:

Fast charging of mobile phone battery with 8 tested methods

It is not bad to know that the higher the temperature of the phone and the battery, the slower the battery charging process. Apart from this, charging the phone at high temperature can also bring many risks for the battery and health of your phone.

So, if your phone was exposed to the sun on a hot summer day or the temperature of your phone was high due to heavy use, wait until the temperature drops before charging it.

Also, using the phone while charging causes a sharp drop in its charging speed. It is generally recommended not to work with your phone while it is charging. If you use your phone out of necessity, do not call it. Calling the phone while charging will reduce the useful life of your battery and in some cases it has been observed that the phone battery has exploded.

As a last point, we should also mention that the infiltration of dust and moisture into the charging port of the phone causes fluctuations in the connection and the failure to establish a complete connection between charging and the charging port of mobile phones. This fluctuation will reduce battery life and make it difficult to charge your phone. So once in a while, clean the charging port of your phone. This problem is mostly observed in the USB charging port of version two.

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To charge your phone’s battery fast, you should limit all the things that consume your phone’s battery. Suppose that your phone’s battery is like a barrel, where the charger is the water inlet and the battery consumption during charging is the water outlet. In order to fill this barrel faster, you need to reduce the water output as much as possible.

By using the solutions and tips mentioned above, you can charge your phone battery faster and increase its life.

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