converting text to sound; Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

converting text to sound; Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

Have you ever thought of converting Persian text to sound? Do you think it will be difficult? The answer must be negative! Because with the advancement of technology in recent times, tools have been created that will do the most difficult work for you. Currently, you can easily convert Persian text to sound with the help of various tools based on artificial intelligence. In this article from How We are going to examine the issue of what methods are possible to convert Persian text into sound. So stay with us until the end of the article for more information in this field.

Introduction of practical tools to convert Persian text to sound

Here are 10 of the best tools for Convert Persian text to sound We will introduce you.

1. Convert Persian text to voice (speaker) with ttsmaker

ttsmaker can be introduced as a comprehensive text-to-speech tool that supports Persian language. This site is available in different languages ​​including Farsi. You don't have to do much to use this tool and you can easily convert text to speech.

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

How to convert text to sound with ttsmaker site:

  • Enter first become
  • Enter the text (maximum 5000 characters) in the left box.
  • Complete the captcha code and then select the yellow box to convert to speech.

Features of ttsmaker text to sound conversion tool:

  • Persian language support
  • Support for Mr. Voice
  • Support for female voice
  • Ability to choose output file format (mp3,ogg,aac,wav…)
  • Free

2. Aipaa text to speech conversion site

AIPA is a comprehensive site in the field of artificial intelligence that can easily compete with foreign competitors in this field. With the help of this site, you can easily convert your texts to sound. On this site use tools Free text to speech conversion Is.

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

Steps to convert text to speech with IPA:

  • First, enter the text-to-speech conversion page of the IPA site to the address aipaa become
  • You must enter the desired text (maximum 500 characters) in the specified box.
  • Click the text processing button and wait.
  • The work is done and you can download the created audio file.

Features of IPA text-to-voice conversion site:

  • Completely Iranian
  • Maximum text 500 characters
  • One voice support
  • Free

3. Convert Persian text to sound with

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech It is one of the best and of course the easiest artificial intelligence platforms to convert Persian text into voice or speech. This platform allows you to create voices that are very similar to a real human.

On this site, which is known as an artificial intelligence site for converting text to voice, you can find a wide variety of voices that are used in several different industries, including entertainment, banking, education, games, documentaries and news.

Currently, to use, you must write your Persian text in Finglish. For example, greeting should be written like this: “salam”

4. Convert text to speech with Speechify It is one of the most powerful artificial intelligence models that converts your texts in any format into natural-sounding speech. For example, using this platform, you will be able to convert your PDF files, emails, documents or articles into audio. What feature is more exciting than this?

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech has many features that make it a superior AI text to speech tool. This tool supports more than 15 different languages ​​in text processing and is able to convert printed and scanned texts into clear audio. Another noteworthy point is that this platform is completely online and you can access it through browser extensions.

5. Convert Persian text to sound with Synthesis One of the tools for converting text to speech is artificial intelligence, which is very popular and powerful. This tool allows anyone to design and produce their own sound with a few simple clicks.

AI text-to-speech site Synthesis has a full collection of professional voices, including 34 female voices and 35 highly realistic male voices. With the help of these sounds, this tool provides the ability to produce unlimited sounds and allows users to sell them. Also, through the internal editor of this tool, you can choose some specific words of your text and read them with different emotions such as happiness, excitement and sadness.

6. Convert Persian text to speech with VoiceMaster

Another tool for converting text to speech with artificial intelligence It has unique capabilities. With the help of advanced Text-to-Speech technology, this tool converts text to sound and provides it to users. This tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows even beginners to easily benefit from the services of this tool. This tool supports several different languages ​​and can convert texts to audio with clear quality.

VoiceMaster also has special features such as adjusting the speed of speech and choosing different types of voices for further personalization. With this tool, producing quality and professional audio content becomes a simple task.

7. Convert text to sound with Murf

Without a doubt It is one of the best artificial intelligence models for converting text to sound. Used by product developers, podcasters, and business executives, this model offers users plenty of options to create the best sound possible. This model has many different voices and dialects that you can choose your desired voice in a simple user interface.

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

In addition, users can access a comprehensive AI sound studio to create voiced videos with the help of its built-in editor. With over 100 AI voices from 15 different languages ​​and customizable settings like accent and voice mode, Murf offers a complete tool for converting text to speech with AI. Another important feature of this model is the ability to change the voice so that you can record your voice from the language of artificial intelligence models and also adjust these voices based on things like speed.

8. Artificial intelligence to convert Persian text into sound As one of the leading AI models in the text-to-speech field, it allows users to convert their text into real, natural sounds from reputable companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. This tool is especially important for producing natural and real sounds.

Through, users can download their produced sounds in the form of MP3 and WAV files and even before writing or entering text, they can choose the type of sound they want. This tool quickly converts text into natural human voice and then allows users to adjust speech styles, pronunciations, and other details.

9. Text to voice conversion site with Speechmaker

Speechmaker, is another artificial intelligence tool for converting text to voice, which is used to quickly create a suitable voiceover. This tool guides the users in the three-step process of voice production and provides the possibility to adjust the speaker's tone and voice. It also supports 20 world languages ​​and more than 50 different sounds, allowing users to produce very realistic sounds.

converting text to sound;  Artificial intelligence to convert text into Farsi speech

10. Convert Persian text to sound with Woord

Word As a web-based audio AI platform, it provides the ability to convert blog posts or web pages to audio. With the possibility of choosing different sounds and supporting different languages, this tool offers users a variety of possibilities to produce quality sounds.


It is possible to use artificial intelligence models to convert Persian text to sound in various ways. For example, people with learning disabilities can benefit from AI voice conversion as an assistive technology, and businesses and content producers can benefit from it as an audio tool for their content output. Also, this technology is widely used in various fields such as video games, animations, audio books and more.

Currently, there are a variety of high-quality voice AI models, each with a unique set of capabilities and uses for users. We hope this article was useful for you.

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