Buy Raitel recharge directly and online [دائمی و اعتباری]

Buy Raitel recharge directly and online [دائمی و اعتباری]

Buying Rightel direct recharge is one of the main concerns of the subscribers of this popular operator in the country. There are different ways for you to do this Buy direct Irancell recharge And Purchase direct charge of the first mobile You can use them to buy Raitel recharge for others. In this, we want to teach you how to directly buy Rightel recharge.

1- Buy Raitel recharge via USSD code:

To buy Raitel recharge via USSD code, you can also start buying your recharge with the number “#200” and in the next step, buy your Raitel recharge by entering the desired product code.

Dial *#200 and select the option to purchase recharge. Next, fill out the requested requests carefully.

2- Buying Raitel recharge through the official website of Raitel:

Another way to buy direct recharge of Rightel is to use its main website. To do this, log in to the Rightel site, select My Rightel section > Buy top-up > Buy direct top-up from the top menu to be directed to the following page.

Direct link to purchase charge from the official website of»

On this page, enter the required information accurately.

Buy Raitel recharge directly and online [دائمی و اعتباری]

After filling the form, click on the green button below “Next step”. To confirm the information.

After that you will be directed to the payment page and you are done.

3- Purchase charge through My Rightel program:

My Rightel program is a comprehensive and complete program for carrying out the affairs of the Rightel operator. Install MyRiteL It is free and if you haven’t done it yet, install and use it as soon as possible. Another way to buy a charge is to use this application, which allows you to buy a Raitel charge online as quickly as possible. For this, it is enough to go to the credit increase section and recharge your Rightel SIM card online.

You can use this application Buy the internet package of Rightel and you can easily choose and buy your package from a large number of suggested packages in the shortest possible time.

4- Buying Raitel recharge through interface applications:

You can easily buy your Rightel charge through apps that provide charging services such as Up, 780, etc. Also, you can purchase Raitel recharge directly and indirectly using mobile applications of banks.

final word

Rightel charging is easy to buy and you can get it in different ways. However, due to the innovations that this operator has provided, the way to buy Raitel recharge may seem a bit complicated for some new users. We have tried to introduce the simplest methods to you. We hope you have benefited from this tutorial.

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