The real effect of the building by observing the cleanliness of the staircase

The real effect of the building by observing the cleanliness of the staircase

Stair cleaning, is one of the most important issues common to all people who live in apartments. Paying attention to maintaining the cleanliness of the staircase and its cleaning is an issue that unfortunately not all people living in an apartment pay attention to. This is the reason why there may be disputes between the residents about cleaning the corridors. Cleanliness is something that is not limited to the four walls around us and includes outside this area as well. Not paying attention to this issue not only shows our way of thinking and culture, but it will definitely cause differences and conflicts between people. So what would be better if all the families and people around whom there are common living spaces between themselves and others, give great importance to these issues.

The real effect of the building by observing the cleanliness of the staircase

How to clean the staircase.

Cleaning the staircase and all common spaces between neighbors is not an easy task, nor is it very complicated! It is better to get help from the service forces for this. Usually, the companies that are engaged in these services can provide you with skilled and experienced personnel. That is why we recommend that you definitely use the services of these companies.

It is not reasonable to entrust the cleaning of the house and the common areas of the house and apartment to different and unfamiliar people who enter your house just by introducing a friend, colleague and acquaintance! The confidence and trust that you can have in the service forces sent by companies, you cannot have at all in different people.

Service companies conduct moral and background checks on all their personnel before hiring them. Because this issue is one of the important rules to obtain a license from the desired trade of these companies.

Cleaning the staircase, dusting the windows and corridors and steps, cleaning the fences and switches and sockets and the elevator cabin are among the most important actions that a service force should perform to clean the corridors and stairs.

The cost of cleaning the stairs depends on what factors?

The cost of cleaning corridors and common areas can depend on various factors.
1) How many floors is the building?
2) How many hours will it take to complete?
3) What are the dimensions of the yard and parking lot?
4) Does the building have a lobby and an elevator?
Considering these factors, cleaning service companies usually announce the costs. That is why we cannot give you a specific amount in this section.

The real effect of the building by observing the cleanliness of the staircase

How to find out that it is better for a woman or a man to clean the corridors?

We cannot give a specific answer to this question. It is better to say that considering the amount of work and its difficulty, we can also cleaning lady And let’s use the power of Mr. Women have the ability to do this work, but if the desired cleaning is at a height, for example, cleaning the windows of the building, it is better to do this type of work by men.

A thorough cleaning

Stair cleaning should have different steps. The best way is to clean the floor and stairs with a broom completely. Then it is better to completely stain and wash those parts with tea and water. Of course, it can be seen that the forces of some companies completely wash the stairs with water with the help of a hose! In addition to the fact that this issue plays a significant role in the wastage of water, it can cause moisture in the stairs and corridors and damage the walls and the environment over time.
After the completion of these measures, according to the working process of some companies, the dispatching force completely disinfects the environment with the help of disinfectants and makes it free from contamination and germs. Of course, usually this step should be one of the steps requested by you. Because this step is not part of the routine steps of cleaning the stairs.

What materials are most useful for cleaning stairs?

Because the stairs, lobby, elevator and other common spaces of the building are visited a lot, they are more exposed to pollution and dirt. We need much stronger chemicals to destroy them. So that the stains and pollution are completely removed and the environment remains clean for a long time.
To clean the floor of the stairs, it is better to use washing powders and water. Although Vitex and scale remover have high bleaching power, in addition to the risk of breathing, due to their acidity, they create adhesion on surfaces. This makes the dirt stick and the stairs get dirty again in a short period of time.
You can also wash and clean the elevator cabin with glass cleaner and wet wipes and the floor with the same manual powder. The important thing when cleaning the corridors and parking lot is that moisture, water and detergents do not enter the sockets and switches. The risk of electric shock will be very high in this way.

Is the cost of house cleaning different from staircase cleaning?

No for House cleaning Just like the staircase cleaning, the same rate and price are considered for the time of sending the cleaner, but a different cleaner will be sent to your home, who will spend more time cleaning the house in terms of work experience and will clean your home more professionally. Because in cleaning the staircase, the job of a cleaner is specific and routine and does not require much experience, but house cleaning and kitchen cleaning especially need more experience, that is why the price and tariff are the same, but a reliable service company like Pak Royal based on experience. For several years, he chooses the cleaners for each job based on the type of work.
House cleaning is the most important part of a cleaner’s duties. After gaining enough experience and complete training on important cleaning issues, cleaners are placed on the dispatch list for house cleaning.

The real effect of the building by observing the cleanliness of the staircase

Pak Royal Company, meeting your expectations

You should entrust the cleaning of your staircase, work environment and home to companies and personnel who have a good track record, consider fair costs, and are well known in terms of compliance with issues such as trust and moral assurance.

According to your request, Pak Royal Company will also send equipment, tools and detergents along with the expeditionary force.
This company will send the required force to the place as soon as possible. You don’t need to keep looking for cleaning companies due to service delays. Your time is very important to this company.

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