Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

If you are one of the regular users of using the Internet, you have probably encountered the slowness of the Internet many times, that’s why testing the Internet speed is one of the most important challenges for people who constantly use the Internet. In fact, for various reasons, your internet speed may be different from the speed at which you have activated your internet package. Buy the first mobile internet package and educational article Buy Irancell internet package use. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to test and measure the internet speed of your phone and computer.

You can measure the internet speed of your phone and computer through many sites and software. How We introduce you the best and most accurate tool for this, and that tool is Speed ​​Test. This tool can be accessed as an application, and if you don’t want to download the software for your phone or computer, you can visit its website.

Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

first stage: Just search the www.speedtest.net website in your mobile or computer browser.

Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

second stage: Just enter this website and click on the GO button. (Note that on other devices, it is enough to click on the GO option to start the process Internet speed test click.)

Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

third level: After clicking on the GO option, the test process will start and a few seconds later you will see the related information as shown in the image below Internet speed You can see your internet download speed, upload speed and ping time.

Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

As you can see in the picture, this website is completely smart and accurate and in addition to detecting the location of the test taker, it also detects the IP and the operator that provides internet services to him. Now, according to the internet package that you have already purchased, you can compare your internet speed with what was announced to you while purchasing the package, and if your internet speed test numbers are lower than they should be, you can contact the operator’s support. Call your internet service provider and report the slow speed and request a review.

Install the Internet test program

Note that you can easily install and run the speed test application on all kinds of devices and operating systems. To get this application, you can do a speed test through the website itself: just scroll down the page after entering the site and click on one of the available icons (you can see in the image below) based on your device type and operating system. do.

Teaching internet speed test on phone and computer

You can also download this application through Google Play Store (for Android phones) and App Store (for iPhone-ios phones).

After installing and running the speed test application, the steps of the internet speed test process are completely in accordance with the steps related to the website.

What is meant by internet speed?

It may not be an exaggeration if we say that the most important factor in using the Internet is its speed, because it doesn’t matter if you use the Internet to do personal work or to describe job duties, or to watch movies, play games, or surf the web and surf social networks, in the end, the speed of the Internet can be disruptive. affairs and even people’s nerves, so it is important to measure the amount of bandwidth or the speed of the Internet. In general, it is important to check the speed of mobile and computer internet in 3 factors, download speed, upload speed, ping time or response time. In the following, we will explain briefly about these three factors so that you can check your internet speed with more knowledge.

Download speed: The download bandwidth or the download speed refers to the duration of your download and download in relation to the size of that file.

Upload speed: Placing any type of data on the Internet platform or sending any data and file through the Internet is called uploading. For example, sending a PDF file of your resume via email or the recruitment page of a site, or placing and sending videos and photos on the YouTube or Telegram platforms is the same as uploading. Logically, uploading a file on the Internet requires speed. In Iran, the download speed is usually higher than the upload speed.

Response time or Ping Time:

Let’s explain this with a simple example. Let’s say you send a file to your friend through the Telegram messenger. After sending the telegram, it will show you with a send tick that the desired file has been sent. Sending, response time or ping time is called ping time. Usually, in measuring internet speed, ping time has a smaller number compared to upload speed and download speed. The best ping time in internet speed test should be below 60 milliseconds per ping.


As you probably know, the use of antiviruses may change your internet speed, so to measure and test your internet speed, it is better to disable them because this tool is usually automatically receiving data and information and updating. and this will cause a drop and even a momentary interruption of the internet speed, and if you check the internet speed in this situation, you will probably see a lower speed than the actual state.

Golden tip

Another thing you should pay attention to is blocking automatic Windows updates on your computer and mobile phone app stores, because these updates lead to lower Internet speed in normal mode and speed test time. Among the other factors that influence the slowness of the Internet in our use and the time to measure its speed is the use of a filter breaker and vpn. By changing the IP of your system, these tools will reduce the speed of your Internet, and the result will be unrealistic when measuring and testing the speed.

Increase internet speed

The best ways to increase internet speed

Also, keep in mind that in order to measure the internet speed in different parts, both download and upload, you should do it at different hours of the day, because it is possible that the internet speed provided by your ISP may vary every hour or even minute. . Finally, note that you should not be downloading or uploading files while testing the internet speed.

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