How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

The liver is one of the most important organs of the body, which is responsible for important tasks such as detoxifying the body and fighting against bacteria and microbes. Hepatitis B is a dangerous disease that targets the health of the liver. Hepatitis B is transmitted to the body by a virus called HBV and by attacking the liver, it can cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. If someone around you is infected with hepatitis B or you think you are infected with this disease, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible and ask for advice. In this article from the site How We will introduce this disease and ways to treat hepatitis B. be with us.

Hepatitis B and its types

How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a viral disease that can disrupt your liver function and in severe cases lead to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer and even death. This disease is usually transmitted through the contact of some body fluids of an infected person with a healthy person.

Although hepatitis B is a very serious disease, in many cases, those affected by this disease recover after some time and regain their health. However, it is necessary to see a doctor and follow his instructions.

Hepatitis B is classified into two types, acute and chronic. Acute hepatitis is short-term and is usually treated with the passage of time and with enough rest and sleep, the patient can be expected to recover. If the appropriate treatment procedure is followed, acute hepatitis B will be completely cured in the person. Another type of hepatitis B is called chronic hepatitis, and in this type of hepatitis, a person needs constant treatment. Patients with chronic hepatitis B need proper medical care to reduce the risk of serious damage to the liver and reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Ways to treat hepatitis B

How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

Self-help home remedies for hepatitis B without consulting a doctor are not a wise decision. People with hepatitis B definitely need to consult a doctor and need a lot of self-care. However, in general, the following items can be useful for the recovery of patients with acute hepatitis B.

  • Consume plenty of water and fluids
  • Adequate rest and sleep
  • Having proper nutrition
  • Keeping the body cool and wearing thin clothes

Also, according to the doctor’s opinion, hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin may be prescribed for people who have or have been exposed to hepatitis B disease.

Be careful that prevention of hepatitis B disease is much better than following treatment procedures. So, if someone from your family or your relatives is infected with hepatitis B, it is enough to prevent yourself and other family members from contracting hepatitis B by following the points that will be mentioned below.

Ways to prevent hepatitis B

How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is not easily transmitted, and if you follow the following health tips, your risk of contracting hepatitis B will be zero even if the infected person is a member of your family.

1- In case of cuts and wounds on your body parts, clean your blood with detergent and close the wound well.

2- Avoid direct contact with the blood or body secretions of a person infected with hepatitis B.

3- Have fully protected sexual relations and note that there is a possibility of transmission of the disease if you have protected relations with a person suffering from hepatitis B.

4- Remove personal items such as razors, nail clippers, toothbrushes, earrings, tweezers, and any items that may cause wounds or be stained with blood. In other words, avoid using these devices separately.

Also, to prevent hepatitis B in general, following the following can be very useful.

1- Do not use shared syringes.

2- When visiting tattoo centers and women’s hair salons, make sure that the tools used are sterile.

3- If you go to the dentist, make sure that the tools are clean and sterile.

4- Avoid risky sexual relations and having different sexual partners.

5- If your body is stained with blood, immediately wash that part with soap and water.

Ways of transmission of hepatitis B

Knowing the ways of transmission of hepatitis B will help to better understand the self-care needed to prevent hepatitis B or not to transmit it to others. As mentioned earlier, hepatitis B is transmitted through blood and some body secretions. The main ways of hepatitis B transmission are blood and sexual secretions, and hepatitis B is also transmitted from mother to fetus. In general, the ways of hepatitis B transmission are as follows.

1- Having unprotected sex: having unprotected sex with a person infected with hepatitis B is one of the ways of transmitting this disease.

2- Blood contact: Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood. As a result, if you get a wound, immediately close the wound completely after washing and disinfecting. Also, avoid direct contact with the blood and secretions of a person with hepatitis.

Be careful that personal items such as toothbrushes and nail clippers can cause hepatitis B transmission, because these items may be stained with the blood of an infected person and then be transferred to you through body wounds.

3- Transmission from mother to fetus: Hepatitis B can be transmitted from mother to fetus.

4- Organ transplantation: organ transplantation is another way of hepatitis B transmission. However, according to the screenings carried out before the transfer of members, this possibility is zero.

Symptoms of hepatitis B

How to treat hepatitis B + methods of prevention and treatment of hepatitis B

Common symptoms of hepatitis B include the following. Be careful that the symptoms of hepatitis B are different for each person and only some of the following symptoms may appear in a person with hepatitis B. Also, some people with hepatitis B may not have any of these symptoms.

  • Stomach ache
  • diarrhea
  • nausea
  • Brown urine
  • Yellowing of skin and eyes
  • mild fever
  • loss of appetite
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Decreased body energy level
  • Stomach and digestive disorders
  • Sleep disorder
  • constipation

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The life of patients with hepatitis B

One of the concerns of people with hepatitis B is the problems of this disease for them and its effect on their life span. As mentioned, people who are infected with acute hepatitis B often recover completely by taking care of themselves and following the recommendations of the relevant doctor without the need for drug treatments. But the situation is a little different for people with acute hepatitis B.

Patients with acute hepatitis B need constant care and drug treatment. The good news is that people with hepatitis B can live a normal life if they get the right care. However, the physical condition of the person suffering from this disease is a very decisive factor. For example, if a person has diabetes, he needs more intensive care. Also, having a proper diet and refraining from consuming alcoholic beverages is also a very decisive factor in the recovery of people with hepatitis B.

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Hepatitis B is one of the viral diseases that targets the liver of the affected person and can cause a lot of damage to the liver and, as a result, to the patient’s health. Adhering to the aforementioned principles and protocols in relation to people suffering from this disease, as well as having a healthy and safe life, prevents contracting this dangerous disease.

In this article, it was told how to introduce hepatitis B, ways to treat hepatitis B and everything you need to know about this disease. It is enough to pay attention to the mentioned points in order to prevent this disease, and if you get this disease, be sure to take the necessary advice from your doctor.

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