How to peel a pomegranate

How to peel a pomegranate

Pomegranate is a delicious autumn fruit that has many properties and is used to treat many pains, so much so that it is called a heavenly fruit. But the thing is that we have to peel the pomegranate in order to get the delicious ruby ​​red and pearly white seeds. Do you know how to do this so as not to harm these beans? If you do not know, in this article we How We have explained to you how to peel pomegranate.

First of all, we must say that heavier, ripe and tastier pomegranates are. So if you haven’t bought your pomegranate yet, pay attention to its weight. Pay attention to the skin of the pomegranate so that it is not scratched and not too hard. Pomegranate skin should be red, healthy and moist. Pay attention to these!

Pomegranate peeling tutorial

  • First of all, wash your spinach well and then prepare a sharp knife (the narrower the better), work board, bowl and spoon.
  • In order to separate the skin from the seeds, you have to beat them with a wooden spoon. Do not overdo it so that the pomegranate seeds are crushed. A few hits are enough. You can even roll the pomegranate on the cartoon board.
  • Well, after you have done all this, take a sharp knife.
  • We want to separate the crown or part of the pomegranate. Hold the knife diagonally in your hand and separate the pomegranate crown from the fruit body in a conical shape.
How to peel a pomegranate
  • After this work, the pomegranate should be cut and sliced. There are some ridges on the pomegranate, which you have to cut apart. So take your thin knife and cut the skin from top to bottom. You can make the cut into four in addition and make the cuts smaller and divide them into six parts.
  • Then use your finger to separate these four slices.
How to peel a pomegranate
  • Your pomegranate drink is ready. Now you can crush your pomegranate and drink it.

Pomegranate peeling without a knife

How to peel a pomegranate

It may happen to some of us that we don’t have the necessary facilities like a knife or a board to easily peel the pomegranate. What should we do then?

If you are on a trip or if you are in a situation where the equipment for peeling pomegranates is not complete, you can easily peel the pomegranate with the peeler that we teach you and enjoy your pomegranate without any trouble.

So are you ready? What should we do now?

  • First of all, wash your pomegranate.
  • Take a bowl and fill it with water and put the pomegranates in it for a few hours until their skin softens. After two or three hours, when the water penetrates into the skin of the pomegranate, you can remove the pomegranate from the water and peel it easily with your fingernail.
  • Even if you are on a trip, you can park your car in a place where there is clear water and put the pomegranates in that water and then take the skin and drink it after a few hours. The pomegranates are cooled and you can peel the pomegranates without any equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a knife to peel a pomegranate?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to peel your anaz without using a knife.

Do you need special expertise to peel pomegranates?

No, you don’t need any special skills to completely peel a pomegranate and in this how you will get to know how to completely peel a pomegranate.

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