How to make traditional saffron halva

How to make traditional saffron halva

Halva is one of the oldest and most popular traditional desserts in Iran. We have all seen Halva in religious ceremonies and celebrations, as well as funeral and mourning ceremonies, in Ramadan and Muharram offerings, which are used a lot, in general, Halva has been on our table since ancient times It has been Iranians.
Saffron halvah has vitamins B and C and is a dessert full of energy, tonic and happy because of the presence of saffron. Because saffron balances the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the body and contains a substance called crocin, crocin is a medicinal supplement that has antidepressant and euphoric properties.
There are different types of halva. In this article, we will teach you how to prepare saffron halva and we hope it will be useful for you.

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How to make traditional saffron halva
Necessary ingredients for preparing saffron halva

  • White flour: 2 cups
  • Sugar: 1 glass
  • Water: one and a half glasses
  • Liquid oil: half a glass
  • Butter: 100 grams
  • Gulab: a quarter of a glass
  • Melted saffron: a quarter of a glass
  • Cardamom powder: some if desired

How to make traditional saffron halva

How to prepare

First we make the syrup. For this, we mix water and saffron and sugar and put it on heat until the ingredients are dissolved and boil for a few minutes.
We fry the flour on low heat until the raw smell of it goes away and its color changes. It takes about 20-40 minutes. During this time, you must stir the flour regularly so that it does not burn.
Add oil and butter and fry again until the color becomes light brown.
Remove from the heat and add the syrup and stir. If the flour is lumpy and your halwa is loose, don’t worry, it will be fixed by mixing.
At this stage, we add rose water and cardamom to the halva.
It takes approximately 5-10 minutes for the halva to become smooth and firm. If your halwa is still loose, you can heat it for 2-3 minutes until it hardens.

How to make traditional saffron halva
Necessary points

  • If you use a flame spreader, the heat will spread evenly and it is better.
  • For more halva aroma, it is better to add rose water according to the last step. If you like, you can add rose water along with the water of the first step, just make sure that the total amount of water and rose water is the size of a glass.
  • Do not add the syrup all at once, so that your halva does not loosen. Add the syrup in several steps.
  • To make the halva more colorful, you should roast it more until the color of the halva is brownish and the flour is well fried. Be careful not to burn the flour, because burnt flour gives the halva a bitter taste.
  • If you don’t have rice flour, you can use semolina flour instead. The difference is that its color will be darker, if you use rice flour, halva will become less sticky and its color will be a little lighter, and if you use semolina flour, its color will be a little darker. It gets wet.
  • If you don’t fry the flour enough and add oil and butter early, the color of halva will be lighter and if you fry it more, it will turn brown.
  • Pay attention that when you use wheat flour, you have to stir more flour during frying because wheat flour is sticky and sticks together, and if you don’t stir constantly, it will become lumpy. In the case of rice and bran flour, they are not like that and need to be stirred less.

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