How to make slime or magic paste?

How to make slime or magic paste?

Slime or magic paste is a tool for children to play. Jelly pastes are available in different colors and shapes in the market, which are considered to be fun while being simple. These pastes have found their own fans in recent years. Different skills of the child can be strengthened by slimes. These soft doughs have a jelly state and are very useful for developing children’s creativity.

Using magic gels is not only very attractive for children, but it is also an interesting hobby for adults. Another attraction of slime is making it by ourselves, which is included in the following How Be the way you are Making homemade slime learn to

How to make slime or magic paste?
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The attractive pastes that are ready-made in the market have disadvantages as well, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the practical contents of this article before buying any magic paste. We have better solutions for you. Ready-made gelatin pastes that are available in different colors and essences in the market may endanger your health and life due to the use of harmful substances. In the basic ingredients of most slime pastes, powder is used to kill cockroaches and vermin. Now tell me what will happen to the health of your body and your beloved child as a result of playing with these gelatin pastes?

We have received many reports of complications from playing with slime. The boric acid used in the main ingredients of the paste (which is the same substance used to kill vermin) has poisoned many children.

Why should we make slime ourselves?

There are two ways to prevent complications and possible risks of playing with these jelly pastes. The first solution is to pay attention to the raw materials used when buying slime. For this, study its composition and in the face vision Boric acid Avoid buying it. The second solution, which is our main topic in this article and will bring you peace of mind, is to make these jelly pastes yourself. Making these soft doughs at home and using them by hand will bring you peace of mind. Stay with us to learn how to make slime at home.

The raw materials needed to make colored slime at home

How to make slime or magic paste?
How to make a homemade slime?
  1. White or transparent polyvinyl acetate glue (half cup)
  2. liquid starch (a quarter cup)
  3. water (half cup)
  4. Food coloring (as needed)

How to make slime

  • To make slime, you need a clean and dry bowl. For this purpose, choose a bowl or container that fits the size of the dough you need.
  • Take half a cup of white or transparent polyvinyl acetate glue and pour it into the bowl.
  • Then pour half a cup of water into the glue bowl and then mix it well.
How to make slime or magic paste?
Mix water and glue together
  • The third stage is the stage of adding colors to the obtained composition. Choose a color to your taste and add it to the dough. Note that depending on which of the white and colorless glues you used, you will have a different color range. If you have used white glue, the color you get for the slime paste will be lighter than when you use colorless glue.
How to make slime or magic paste?
Add the color and mix well.
  • The fourth step is to add starch. Add a quarter cup of liquid starch to the dough and mix it regularly. Do this until your slime dough begins to puff up and lose its liquid state.
  • After your slime dough is formed, it’s time to knead it. At this stage, when you knead the dough in your hand, you may feel its stringy state, which is normal. Knead your dough slowly until it becomes stringy and consistent.
  • There is another way to make the dough consistency. For this, you can put the dough in another clean container for three minutes and let it rest. Pay attention to the fact that kneading the resulting dough gives it a better consistency. Although resting the dough is also a solution for the consistency of the dough. In order to knead your dough properly, you must follow some basic techniques:

The techniques you will need to knead the slime dough:

How to make slime or magic paste?

The first thing you are going to do with your prepared dough is to knead it in your bowl before taking it out. After this work Pour a few drops of liquid starch on your hand and start kneading the dough on it. The starch that gets absorbed into the dough over time with the help of your hands while kneading will help it to harden. Do the steps of adding starch little by little And when you feel that your dough has reached the right level of hardness, stop adding starch. Adding too much starch will make your dough too stiff and too little will make the dough sticky. When you feel that your dough has a good consistency, it’s time to let your child enjoy playing with your homemade dough.

Slime maintenance

In order for the slime to stay fresh, air must not penetrate it, so to prevent air from penetrating the slime, put it in zipped plastic or closed containers after use. For long-term use of slime, it is better to put it in a plastic or container to prevent the penetration of bacteria and their growth, then put the slime in the refrigerator.

How to make slime or magic paste?

It is better to wash your hands thoroughly before using the slime so that hand dirt does not enter the slime. You should also pay attention to the fact that you should not leave slime on dirty surfaces, especially dirt surfaces; Because after the slime falls on the soil, it becomes unusable.

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