How to make saffron syrup

How to make saffron syrup

Saffron syrup is considered one of the most popular drinks of Iranians and there are few people who do not like this pleasant and tasty drink. As you know, saffron syrup is a traditional Iranian drink that has been consumed in hot seasons since ancient times and has attracted many fans. In addition, saffron syrup has many properties, including: improving depression, improving memory and preventing Alzheimer’s. Today, in many gatherings, saffron syrup is used for serving, because this pleasant drink is approved by all tastes.

As you know, drinking saffron syrup can help many people’s health. Of course, keep in mind that saffron syrup can be drunk not only in hot seasons, but also in cold seasons and benefit from its abundant energy. Mint syrup is prepared in several different ways, which depends on the taste of people. In the following, with the methods of preparing this pleasant and tasty drink How be with

Raw materials for making saffron syrup

Ground saffron as needed (two tablespoons)
Rose enough
Water to half a liter
Sugar sufficient amount
Lemon juice Depending on taste

One of the best options for welcoming guests at gatherings is saffron syrup. But many hosts do not know how to make saffron syrup and ask how to make saffron syrup? First of all, to make Majlisi saffron syrup, you need to prepare the raw materials mentioned above. Now it’s time to do the following steps in order.

How to make saffron syrup

Steps to make saffron syrup at home

first stage : We pound 2 tablespoons of saffron in a mortar; Then we put them in a glass and fill the glass halfway with boiling water and wait for it to brew.

second stage: After inhaling the saffron, we insert a piece of ice into the glass to shock the saffron.

third level: After that, we put a fireproof container on the gas stove and add half a liter of water to it. After the water is heated, put the sugar in the container. It should be noted that the amount of sugar added to water is optional and depends on your taste. After heating the water and sugar, stir it well until it is well mixed and wait for the mixture of water and sugar to boil for 20 minutes to increase its thickness.

Fourth step: When you see that the sugar and water have reached the right consistency, add the brewed saffron and stir well to mix.

The fifth step: Then add lemon juice and rose water to the solution and stir until well combined.

Of course, keep in mind that if the combination Lemon juice And Rose If it is too much, the taste of the syrup may not be delicious and its acidity may increase.

Last step: Then let the syrup boil for 20 minutes with rose water and lemon juice, and after you see that the syrup has reached enough thickness, turn off the gas stove. Now let the syrup cool down.

Golden tips about making Majesli saffron syrup

If someone asks you how to make saffron syrup, first explain the necessary points to him; One of the most important points that you should observe in preparing saffron syrup is that you should reduce the flame of the gas stove because if the temperature of the syrup rises too much, the syrup may become sugary after a while.

Sometimes you may have a question that how to make saffron syrup with herbs? While preparing saffron syrup, you can use herbal extracts such as: burdock root, spring orange and mint; Of course, the use of Ariqjat depends on your style.

To make the sherbet tastier and increase its properties, you can add sherbet eggs to the sherbet and enjoy it.

How to make saffron syrup

Making hot saffron syrup

Many people do not like to drink cold drinks and prefer hot drinks. People who are interested in saffron syrup can eat it warm and enjoy drinking it. People may have questions about how to make hot saffron syrup. To make warm saffron syrup, do the following steps:

first stage: You should first put some saffron in a glass of boiling water and brew it.

second stage: Add some sugar or candy to it and put it in a container and stir until your mixture is well combined.

third level: Combine the obtained syrup with boiling water and enjoy the hot saffron syrup drink.

Additional notes about warm saffron syrup

If someone ever asks you how to make warm saffron syrup, be sure to advise him not to use boiling water; Because boiling water harms the body. To prepare warm saffron syrup, you should use lukewarm water so that the properties of this pleasant and tasty drink are well absorbed in your body.

How to make saffron syrup

How to make saffron syrup in the shortest time

Sometimes you may want to have a tasty drink but expect it to be ready quickly. At this time, you can brew some saffron with a little warm water and then add candy or sugar to it and let it cool for a few minutes.

Then add it to cold water and stir well. To improve its taste, you can also add some rose water or herbal extracts to your syrup and enjoy drinking it.

If you have this question that we can make saffron syrup in the shortest time mint syrup let’s make it, know that it is possible and you can make a pleasant and tasty saffron drink in less than 10 minutes and enjoy drinking it.


Nowadays, everyone believes that preparing saffron syrup drink is very difficult, in addition to being expensive. But this opinion is wrong; If someone asks you how to make saffron syrup, you can teach him using good recipes to make a tasty and pleasant saffron syrup with the lowest cost and the easiest way and enjoy eating it. .

In addition, drinking saffron syrup allows you to be fresher after eating and have more energy to do your work.

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