How to make a concubine (temporary marriage).

How to make a concubine (temporary marriage).

Almighty God has placed different needs in all human beings. Sexual and erotic needs are one of the most important needs that exist in all human beings. In general, the plan of the Islamic religion to face the needs that man feels in his existence is to respond to that need in the right way. For this reason, Islam does not agree with suppressing the sexual need, just as it does not agree with eliminating the sexual need through haram.

According to the word of Almighty God in his religion, in order to solve this demand for human rights (that is, sexual need), he has designed a program called “Shari'a marriage”. In this comprehensive program announced by God Almighty, a girl and a boy or a woman and a man, who are both competent, are forbidden together and form a common life through the marriage sermon.

It should be noted that unlike western versions such as white marriage, where couples do not have much commitment towards each other, and therefore the rate of betrayal of couples to each other is high in such marriages, in the Islamic version of marriage, couples have many obligations to each other and have many rights. They should respect their other side. Therefore, it is clear that legal marriage is considered the best way to control sexual powers. Of course, it is possible that some who do not have the conditions for permanent marriage for any reason may ask: What specific program does Islam provide for them? In response to these people, we say: Islam has established the temporary marriage (or the so-called temporary marriage) only as a cure (not a permanent and permanent cure). Therefore, in the following, we will talk about the quality of temporary contract implementation.

temporary contract

As mentioned in the previous section, legal marriage is considered the only legal and correct way to control lust. Therefore, according to Islamic law, a person who has sexual needs must marry, and if he does not marry, he has committed a sin. Now, if someone cannot have a permanent marriage, he does not have the right to suppress his sexual power or satisfy it through forbidden means. Because Islam has designed a “temporary marriage” program for such a person. Of course, it is emphasized again that temporary marriage should be used only as a temporary way, not permanent, meaning that temporary marriage should not prevent a person from forming a family and producing offspring.

Remember: This point is also necessary that temporary marriage is not a program that is only dedicated to the Shia religion, as many other Islamic religions also have a marriage called “Mesyar” which is similar to such a marriage that exists in the Shia religion. Also, in Sahih Muslim, which is considered one of the most important hadith books of Ahl al-Sunnah, there are hadiths about the temporary marriage of “muta'”.

In any case, the spread and culture of accurate and far from the extremes of temporary marriage, can be a basis for curing sins such as adultery, masturbation (masturbation) and lust. For this reason, some of the conditions and conditions of Islamic Sharia regarding temporary marriage are briefly mentioned below:

How to make a concubine (temporary marriage).

A: Necessary conditions for issuing a temporary contract:

1: In a temporary marriage, the dowry and the period of time that both parties are supposed to be mahram with each other must be clear and definite.

Note: If the dowry and marriage period are not clear, the temporary contract is invalid.

2: If a man is going to have a temporary marriage with a virgin girl, then the girl's father and, if her father is not alive, the girl's paternal grandfather must give permission for the marriage. On this basis, a temporary marriage with a virgin girl whose father has not given the marriage permission is invalid.

3: The woman who is going to be married, if she is not a virgin, (that is, she was married before but now divorced or her previous husband has passed away), should not be in Idda. Therefore, a temporary marriage with a woman who is a widow and whose number has not been completed is invalid.

First note: Eid means the interval between divorce or the death of the husband until the religion allows him to remarry. This means that a woman cannot remarry immediately after divorce or the death of her husband. Rather, a certain period of time (i.e. Eid'ah) must pass before permission to remarry is issued. In order to obtain the ID of divorce, death and temporary marriage, one should refer to the opinion of Taqlid authority.

Second note: A woman who has entered into a personal temporary marriage must also keep an ID to marry another man. To get the duration of these numbers, refer to your taqlid reference.

4: Man and woman should be truly satisfied with marriage.

These cases were the original conditions of temporary marriage. It should be noted that the temporary contract formula also has conditions that are mentioned in the next section.

How to make a concubine (temporary marriage).

B: The conditions of the temporary contract

A man and a woman are not forbidden to each other until the temporary marriage contract takes place. In Islamic Shari'a, couples can also read the form of temporary marriage and it is not necessary to issue the form of such a marriage by respected clerics or notaries of official notaries of marriage and marriage. However, going through legal procedures in temporary marriage is also emphasized. However, if a man and a woman intend to issue a temporary formula by themselves, they should note that issuing such a formula has conditions that must be followed. The conditions of the temporary marriage formula are:

1: read orally, not written;

First note: There is no problem in reading the temporary marriage formula from behind the phone. That is, men and women can read the formula over the phone.

Second note: A man and a woman cannot enter into a temporary contract by chatting (in writing). Therefore, if a contract is made through chatting, for example, in the space of channels, the contract is invalid.

2: The temporary marriage formula must be read correctly and accurately in Arabic. Therefore, if the words of the formula are mispronounced in such a way that the meaning of the formula changes, the contract is not concluded and is void.

3: The reader of the temporary marriage contract must be wise and mature.

4: The reciter of the form must have the real intention of entering into a temporary marriage. Based on this, if the reciter of the sygheh recites the text of the sygheh as a joke, a contract will not be concluded and it is not valid.

After stating the conditions of the temporary contract form, now it is time for the quality of the temporary contract form, which will be mentioned in the next section.

A: The quality of the temporary contract form

After the man and woman met the conditions of temporary marriage in terms of Shariah and intellect, and determined the dowry and the time of the temporary marriage, they can enter into the temporary marriage in one of the following 2 ways:

1: A woman should say the following in correct and accurate Arabic: “Zawjtukka nafsi fi al-muddah al-maaluma ali al-mahr-e al-maalum”
The man should also quickly and immediately answer like this: “Pre-marriage”;

2: If, for any reason, the couple does not want to execute the above form of marriage, there is another way, according to which, after the dowry and the time of the marriage are determined, the woman gives the man a power of attorney so that the man can take her place. He should say: “Ankahtu muwakilati (say the woman's name) lenfsi fi al-mudah-e-al-maaluma ali-al-mahr-e-al-maalum”; Then immediately the man should say again in his own place: “Qabulto Ḥakah” or say: “Qabulto al-nikkaha linnafsi”;

It is reminded again that the couple can do any of the above 2 ways as they want and therefore the marriage is valid. The only thing that is important is to comply with the conditions of the contract and execute its formula correctly.


From all the contents of this article, it can be seen that Islam has designed Sharia marriage in order to properly respond to man's sexual needs. Therefore, a person who is exposed to sexual sins or is falling into the danger of such sins, should get married as soon as possible. Of course, if someone does not have the conditions for a permanent marriage, he can resort to a temporary marriage as a temporary and short-term solution. It goes without saying that temporary marriage has conditions that were mentioned in this article.

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