How to get an emergency Raitel charge

How to get an emergency Raitel charge

Users of credit SIM cards sometimes face the problem that their SIM card charge ends during a call, and for whatever reason, they are unable to charge their own SIM card. In this situation, if your SIM card is Rightel, you can use it even if the credit runs out and it is not possible to recharge the SIM card. This operator has provided a service that can help you if the charge runs out during a call. With How Join us to review the methods of receiving an emergency Raitel charge together:

Rightel emergency charging service

Raitel’s emergency charging service is slightly different from similar services offered by other operators. In this service, known as My Place, instead of receiving an emergency charge from the operator, you ask the contact you want to call to pay for the call. In this way, after recharging, no amount will be deducted from your credit and the cost of the call will be deducted from your intended contact. Of course, note that receiving the call and deducting the fee from the user depends on his approval of your request.

How to get an emergency Raitel charge

To use this service, just dial the code *444* along with the desired contact’s number as (*44409*******# or 44409***********). After dialing this code, a request will be sent to the contact whose number you entered. If the contact accepts your request, the call will be made and the cost of the call will be deducted from his credit. Your request will be announced to the desired number through Raitel’s voice-activated phone, and it can accept or reject your request during the call.

Who pays for the call?

If you use Rytel’s emergency charging service, you will not be charged any fees and it is completely free. Of course, the cost of making a call will be charged to the subscriber whose phone number you have entered.

final word

In this article, we have explained to you the method of receiving an emergency Raitel charge in a simple way. If you run out of SIM card charge at critical times, you can use the call services of the Rightel operator using this method. You can also use this service through the Rightel Man application.

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