How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

The name of Bluebank has been heard in the last few years as one of the innovative and creative banks! Bluebank is one of Iran’s prominent neo-banks and is a subsidiary of Saman Bank, which initially became famous with its colorful cards and branding, but nowadays most people are interested in working and opening an account in this bank because of its convenient and easy services!
It has been about a month since this bank launched its loan service without the need for a guarantor or collateral. This service includes receiving personal and corporate loans. People who want to use these loans can register in Bluebank. In this article, from the website, we are going to introduce you to the methods of receiving Bluebank loans personally and organizationally. Therefore, if you also intend to receive this loan or related information, stay with us until the end of the article.

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

Is it possible to get a loan without guarantor in Bluebank?

Before going to examine the answer to this question, it should be said that Bluebank does not have any physical branches and provides all its services online and electronically. By opening an account in Bluebank, you can quickly and in the shortest possible time benefit from its various services, one of which is the possibility of receiving Loan without guarantor Is. So, the answer to this question can be answered positively!

How to get a Bluebank loan?

Unlike the traditional banking system, which has a complicated and time-consuming process to receive loans and requires a guarantor and collateral, Bluebank grants loans to its users with just a few minutes of application registration, without the need for these things. A simple and convenient way!

Of course, receiving a loan from Bluebank has its own conditions. For example, Bluebank personal loans, like other services of this neobank, are provided according to certain conditions and criteria.

For each person and in order to receive a loan from Bluebank, the average balance of his account during the three months before the request is evaluated. If the average user account is more than 3 million tomans, this option will be activated for that person to receive a loan.

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

Bluebank loan payment is based on this evaluation and the average of the account quarter. Therefore, one of the basic conditions for receiving a loan from Blue Bank is the average account balance.

Also, as we have mentioned several times throughout the article, you do not need a guarantor or collateral to receive a loan at Bluebank. Only with a positive credit check including no bank debt and bounced checks, as well as an average account, you can get a Bluebank loan!

What is the amount and interest rate of Bluebank loan?

One of the positive points about Bluebank is that it offers its users the possibility of receiving loans with different amounts, which we have reviewed in the table below.

Request ceiling At least Maximum loan fee Loan interest rate Repayment period
500 thousand tomans 40 million tomans 4 percent 22 percent Maximum 6 months

Keep in mind that the fee rate can be discounted according to the user’s activity, which is another exciting feature of this bank. Also, if you pay the loan before the first due date, the loan interest will not be refunded to your account.

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

How to apply for a Blue Bank loan in several steps

In order to apply for a loan from Bluebank, you must first use the application of this neobank, and we have presented the steps in full below.

1. In the Bluebank application, go to the profile section and then Blueclub.

2. In this section, if you have the necessary conditions to receive a loan, the loan option will be displayed for you and you can register your request. Also, loan option is available in the store section.

3. In the loan section of Bluebank, two options are available for you: urgent and necessary three-month Blue facility with 16% annual interest and six-month facility with 18% annual interest.

4. On the corresponding page, you can choose the amount and duration of your repayment using the slider.

5. On this page, you will also be shown the fee that you must pay.

6. After choosing the desired combination (repayment amount and duration), touch the facility request option.

7. At this stage, your request will be registered and the bank will start reviewing it. After checking, the result of the request will be notified to you via SMS and in the application.

8. After confirming the request, on the page related to the loan, in the ongoing section and type of loan, the phrase pending signature will be displayed.

9. By choosing the facility, the contract will be provided to you and you must confirm it. After approval, the loan amount will be deposited into your account within 24 hours.

10. The loan request is sent to the Samat system (centralized information system for facilities and obligations) of the Central Bank and after confirmation, the desired amount is deposited into your account.

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately

What are the terms of repayment of Bluebank loan?

After receiving a loan from Bluebank, you can access the details of installments and how to repay your loan by entering the shop and loan section. In this section, you can see the amount of the remaining debt, the settled amount, the cost of each installment and the installment repayment dates. installments are automatically deducted from users’ accounts; Of course, you can manually deposit installments by disabling this option.

What is Blue Bank’s corporate loan?

Bluebank also provides you with the possibility of receiving an organizational loan. This service is intended for employees and various forces in organizations, businesses and companies, and the maximum amount that can be received is 200 million Tomans. Receiving a Bluebank organizational loan requires several simple steps, which include opening a legal account by the organization, presenting a guarantee check, depositing the monthly salary of the personnel to the Bluebank account, and presenting a salary deduction certificate.

After completing the relevant steps and sending the request of organizations, the loan option is activated for employees. Its method is as follows:

1. Employees can select the loan option by referring to the Bluebank application store menu and see the amount of the facility and the repayment time.

2. It is not possible to change the amount and duration of loan repayment by employees and these cases are determined by the organization.

3. After digitally signing the loan contract, the loan request is sent to the central bank’s Samat system, and after the system’s approval, the loan is deposited into the individual’s account in a few minutes.

4. The installment amount is automatically deducted from the employee account, but this feature can be disabled and the installments can be paid manually.

5. The amount and terms of repaying the organizational loan can also be adjusted based on the credit of each employee; This loan can be between 1 and 200 million Tomans and its repayment period can vary from 6 to 24 months. The interest rate of this loan is 18% and the maximum fee is 5%.

6. If the employee settles the entire amount of the loan before the due date, 90% of the interest of the remaining installments will be forgiven for him and only 10% of the interest of the remaining installments will be received from this employee. The institutional loan fee rate also varies based on the repayment period.

How to get a loan from Bluebank (steps and documents) immediately


In this article, we mentioned a short and useful explanation about the Bluebank loan, the terms of receiving and paying it. I hope that this article is useful for you and that you can get the loan you want with the help of it. If your conditions are not suitable for receiving a loan from Blue Bank, you can go to the “Receive a loan from Resalat Bank” See.

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