How to download songs on iPhone + save songs on iPhone

Definitely, most of the people who have iPhone phones are facing the problem of how to download songs. Fortunately, we can say that there are various applications for downloading songs on the iPhone, each of which has unique features and benefits. Of course, you can also use the iPhone’s File Manger and Ducmunt to download and manage songs, which we will discuss later.

But these days, finding a powerful app that is also free is what most people are looking for. In this article from How We are going to talk about how to download songs on iPhone and what applications are available for iPhone in this field. So stay with us until the end of the article.

How to download songs on iPhone + save songs on iPhone

The solution to download songs on iPhone phones

As we said, there are many software for downloading songs for iPhone phones, these applications can play songs online or offline, and according to the taste and needs of each user, they will provide a suitable choice. But if you are looking for a basic solution to download songs on iPhone phones, you can use the following methods.

1. Download songs from different music websites

The easiest way is that you can use your browser to visit websites that work in this field. Download the song you want and then you can save and play them on your device through the file manager.

Using the file management feature on iPhone, you can save downloaded files in different locations like iCloud Drive or other folders and access them easily.

1. First, enter the name of the song you want to download in your preferred browser.

2. Select one of the sites shown and download it with the available options.

3. Now the downloaded song will be saved in the files section and you can find and listen to it in this section.

4. Also, to manage songs more easily, you can add your favorite songs in a new folder and listen at once.

2. Using Apple music

Apple Music software exists as the main music application in iPhone phones, but due to regional restrictions and the need to purchase a subscription, some people prefer to go for other options. If you are one of these people, you can choose the best option by checking and comparing the features and facilities of different applications and use it to download and play songs on your iPhone.

How to download songs on iPhone + save songs on iPhone

Introducing the best music download software for iPhone

In this section, we are going to introduce the best music download software for iPhone. You are probably familiar with popular applications such as Soundcloud and Spotify, which are among the best ways to listen and search for music. But in the following, we will also introduce other options that will probably be attractive to you.

1. Evermusic application

One of the simplest and most efficient applications for managing and playing music on iPhone is the Evermusic application. This software has great features, among which the following can be mentioned:

  • The ability to save music in the “Save to Files” method, which allows you to save music directly to the “My Music” folder or any other location of your choice.
  • Changing the appearance of the player based on personal taste
  • Having additional features such as audio equalizer, bass booster, ID3 tag editor and playlist management
  • Support for popular audio formats such as MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, AIFF and M4R
  • Access to cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, Yandex.Disk and WD MyCloud Home
  • Ability to transfer your favorite music from phone to computer with the help of SMB, WebDAV and DLNA protocols

Also, if you are looking for offline music playback, you can download your favorite songs and albums and listen in offline mode. Also, by enabling player cache, recently played songs will be downloaded automatically. The app automatically syncs your music library between cloud services and your iPhone device, and groups songs by artist, album, and genre. So, according to these features, this software can be a good choice for iPhone owners.

How to download songs on iPhone + save songs on iPhone

2. eSound application

eSound application is considered as one of the best applications for downloading free music for iPhone. Through this application, you will be able to choose your favorite music or artist and download their songs for free. What’s better than this?

The simple and efficient user interface of this application makes downloading songs with a few simple clicks and you will have easy access!

One of the important and attractive features of this software is having a sleep timer, which can be considered similar to Spotify’s sleep timer!

You may be wondering what the point of this feature is! In response, it should be said that this feature allows you to schedule the playback time of songs; In this way, the program will automatically stop the playback at the specified time that you have chosen. This application can be considered as an Iranian music download application for iPhone, which is really useful!

3. Audiomack application

Another software that you can use to download and listen to music on iPhone phones is the Audiomack software. With the help of this software, you can download your favorite songs and add them to your playlist.

To do this, just search for the desired music, then find it and finally add it to your playlist. This feature allows you to listen to your music whenever you want. In addition, using this application, you will be able to play music stored on the iPhone device. To do this, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Open the software.

2. Go to the “Library” tab.

3. Click on the icon next to “Saved songs”.

4. Click on “Device” to select and play the music stored on the iPhone device.

How to download songs on iPhone + save songs on iPhone

4. Poly Music application

One of the best and most useful software that you can use to download music on iPhone phones is the Poly Music application. This software allows you to search for your favorite song directly from YouTube, stream music, create music playlists, share music with your friends and more. This application also has the ability to save music and video for free so that you can play them anytime and anywhere.

Also, you can enter the link of any song or video in this application and use the download feature of “Poly Music” manager to get it. In addition, using the built-in browser of this application, you can search and download music on various sites such as YouTube. By accessing the “import” button in the “MY” tab, you will be able to play music stored on your iPhone device. So if you are looking for a great software for iPhone, this software is probably what you are looking for.


In this article, we introduced and reviewed the best software for playing music on the iPhone and talked about the features of each of them. We hope that this article has been useful for you and that you can find your favorite software with its help.

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