How to cook delicious grilled chicken

How to cook delicious grilled chicken

Chicken kebab is one of the most famous and delicious Iranian dishes that everyone enjoys eating. This delicious dish not only has many fans, but it is also easy to cook at home. Therefore, each of us may like to enjoy this delicious and popular food on a day off, in family and friendly gatherings or even a picnic outside the house. So, if you also want to know how to cook delicious grilled chicken, stay with us in this article.

Grilled chicken has different recipes and cooking methods. Maybe it has happened to you that you have prepared grilled chicken, but it was not as tasty and beautiful as restaurant food. This is because, although making grilled chicken is simple and fast, there are tricks and techniques that you will be able to achieve the desired result only by knowing it.

Necessary ingredients for preparing delicious grilled chicken

Chicken 1 medium number
an onion 2 large ones
Strained yogurt 100 grams
Brewed saffron 4 tablespoons
olive oil 4 tablespoons
Butter 100 grams
fresh ginger 50 grams
Lemon juice 6 tablespoons
Salt and black pepper enough

How to prepare grilled chicken

How to cook delicious grilled chicken

Grilled chicken looks like a simple and effortless dish to prepare. Therefore, you can easily use it for parties and even outside the house. But why sometimes we don’t get the result we want? In the following, we will review step by step how to prepare grilled chicken so that we can have an excellent and first class meal.How to prepare restaurant style kebabs).

first stage

The first step is to choose the right chicken. The chicken used for roast chicken should not be too big. It is better to always use fresh chicken that is slaughtered on the day. If you want to use all parts of the chicken, you have to remove the skins and eat it as a grilled chicken. Usually, chicken shops do this without charging extra. You just need to wash the chicken well before starting work.

The important thing is that restaurants usually use chicken breast for grilled chicken. If you want to have a perfect grilled chicken, you better do the same thing. Cleaned and packaged chicken breasts are readily available at most grocery stores.

second stage

After going through the above steps, put the washed chickens in a large and spacious container. Because we want to add other ingredients to the chicken and it should be easy to mix. In this section, we have to cut the onions into slices. If you like, you can grate the onions. Depending on how much you want the chicken to taste, you can also use onion juice. Just don’t forget to mix the onions well with the chicken.

third level

How to cook delicious grilled chicken

In this section, we should mix the chicken with olive oil. Olive oil gives a very good taste to the chicken and the fatness of the chicken will make it more delicious. After mixing the olive oil with the chicken. Add lemon juice, salt, pepper, condensed yogurt and two tablespoons of brewed saffron. In this section, you should mix all the ingredients well so that the chicken eats.

The fourth stage

This stage is the stage of resting the chicken in the barbecue chicken ingredients. Cover the bowl with cellophane, plastic or lid. These ingredients should rest in the refrigerator for at least two hours, this is very necessary to flavor the chicken. If you want to get a better result, prepare the ingredients the night before and put them in the refrigerator.

How to cook delicious grilled chicken

The fifth stage

At this stage, you need to skewer the chickens, which is a very easy task. Just don’t forget to put the bone-in meat and the wing on a separate skewer. . After preparing the charcoal, place the chickens on it. During the grilling, you must constantly rotate the grilled chicken so that it is evenly grilled and does not burn.

After the chickens are golden, mix the butter in the recipe with the remaining saffron and brush them with a clean brush and let them roast for another minute. Your roast chicken is ready!

Additional notes

Avoid adding too much lime juice to prevent the chicken from drying out and becoming tough. Because lemon juice will dry out the chickens. In addition, it will make the chicken meat very sour. Olive oil is also one of the factors that prevent roast chicken from drying out. If you want to have grilled chicken with a different taste, you can add a little mayonnaise to the barbecue sauce or try curry spices. Both of these will give the chicken a different flavor that may not be to everyone’s liking.

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