How to connect the phone to the laptop + Android and iPhone + pictures

One of the questions that may arise for many people is how to connect the phone to the laptop. By connecting your phone to your laptop, you can enjoy various features. Therefore, in today’s article, we are going to examine how to connect different phones to the laptop. With How Stay tuned until the end:

Fast connection of the phone to the laptop

There are different methods to connect the phone to the laptop, depending on your needs, you can use any of these methods. However, the fastest way to do this is to use a USB cable or your phone’s charging cable. In this method, it is enough to connect one end of the cable to the phone and the other end to the computer so that you can access the files inside the phone. If you are interested in wireless methods, you can use Bluetooth. This method is a little time-consuming and transferring files through it is also done slowly.

Connecting the Android phone to the laptop; first step

In the first step, to answer the question of how to connect the phone to the laptop, you must enable an option in the advanced settings of the phone so that the laptop can access the contents of your screen. For this, follow the steps below:

  • First, enter the settings of your phone.
  • Then select About Phone option.
  • On the opened page, select the Software Information option to open the phone’s software information menu for you.
  • On this page, you need to tap Build Number seven times in a row.
  • If your phone has a password, you will be asked to enter the password to enable advanced settings.
  • Go back to the main settings page and select the developer options option on this page.
  • You should look for an option called USB Debugging and enable it.

Now your Android phone is ready to be connected to the computer and you can view the screen of your phone on the laptop using external programs. For this, first connect the phone to the system through a USB cable and then download and install one of the programs mentioned below.

1- Connecting the phone to the laptop with the AirDroid program – Android and iPhone

How to connect the phone to the laptop + Android and iPhone

One of the best apps for connecting your phone to your laptop is AirDroid. This program has a simple and convenient user interface through which you can connect your mobile phone to Windows, Mac or Linux. To use this program, it is necessary that both the phone and the desired laptop are connected to a Wi-Fi so that you can use its features.

The steps to use this software are as follows:

  • First, install the AirDroid app on both your phone and laptop.
  • Then open this program on both devices and create an account for yourself if you wish. If you don’t want to create an account, you can use it.
  • To view only the mobile screen on your laptop, click on the AirMirrod option in the Windows program and select the ViewOnly Mode option. Finally, select the Start Now option.

2- View the screen of Android and iPhone with Vysor program

How to connect the phone to the laptop + Android and iPhone

You can also view the contents of your phone screen on your laptop through the Vysor program. This program can be downloaded for free and most of its features are also available for free.

To use this software, proceed as follows:

  • Download the Vysor program and install it on your mobile phone and computer.
  • Then connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  • If you see the Allow USB Debugging option on your phone, select the Allow option.
  • If you open the program at this stage, you will see the Vysor Has Detected a Device option, which means that the program has detected your phone.
  • Now it is enough to just select the View option that is written next to your phone model so that you can view your phone’s screen.

3- Connecting the phone to the laptop using Team Viewer

One of the most popular remote control programs for phones or computers is Team Viewer. Using this software, you can connect your mobile phone to the computer and control it through the computer.

  • To use this program, first download TeamViewer Host and install it on your phone.
  • Then create an account for yourself in Team Viewer.
  • Search for on your computer and log in to the user account you created earlier.
  • In the opened page, you will see your phone as one of the active devices. To connect to it, just click on the Connect option.
  • At this stage, the phone will automatically connect to the computer and you can see the contents of the phone screen.

4- Connecting the phone to the laptop using ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is another popular program for connecting phone to laptop, which provides you with features such as simultaneous rotation of the phone screen with the computer, using the keyboard, and connecting three phones at the same time. To use this software, you must install it both on your phone and on your computer.

  • After installing the program on both devices, connect the phone to the system via USB cable.
  • Now select the Start Now option and select the M option inside the phone.
  • Then select your computer inside the phone.
  • A new page will open for you, in which you should select Phone Screen Mirroring and then Start Now to start the program.
  • You can wirelessly transfer the phone screen to the computer through this method, but if you use this method, you can no longer control the phone through the computer and you can only see the phone screen.

final word

To move the file between your phone and laptop, you just need to use one of the methods mentioned in this how-to so that the work can be done easily. The methods mentioned in this tutorial are applicable for both Android and iOS (iPhone) operating systems.

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