How to buy government currency

How to buy government currency

When there is a multi-rate system for foreign currencies in a country, the government currency is proposed, which always has a lower rate than the free market. Due to having a multi-currency system, Iran has considered a state currency for special purposes. In this article, we will discuss the use of government currency and the documents required to buy government currency. So we are on the site How come along

What is the government currency and to whom does this currency belong?

How to buy government currency

In multi-currency systems, there are different exchange rates. One of these currencies is the government currency or a quota that belongs to certain cases.

Until recently, every person with a national card and a bank card in his name could receive state currency once a year, but with the reduction of the country’s foreign exchange reserves and also the abuse of the difference between the state and free exchange rates by dealers, stricter rules for receiving The state currency was approved and implemented.

The story started when the difference between the government and free exchange rates reached three thousand tomans and many people started renting their national cards to brokers. As a result, by receiving currency at the government rate and selling it at the free rate, dealers made the market out of balance and made a profit.

As a result of this incident, the central bank proposed new conditions for receiving government currency. Currently, the government currency is only allocated to the following:

  • Traveling abroad
  • Medical expenses abroad
  • study abroad
  • The cost of participating in foreign exhibitions
  • Participation in scientific tests abroad

Also, the source of currency needed for the following is from the government currency:

  • Payment of salaries and benefits of foreign employees in Iran
  • Holding international conferences
  • Consular fees of embassies

Be careful that each person can buy government currency only once a year.

Required documents to receive government currency:

How to buy government currency

As mentioned, government currency is only allocated to people who need the currency for one of the above. For this reason, to receive government currency, you need to present your identity documents along with documents confirming your trip to the country.

These documents include the following:

  • Original and copy of smart national card
  • Passport
  • visa
  • Two bank cards in the applicant’s name
  • A mobile line in the name of the applicant
  • The original and copy of the air ticket stamped by the airline agency
  • The original receipt for the payment of exit fees
  • Currency request form from the bank
  • Ten-digit postal code
  • And finally, the equivalent of the government currency Riyal

Be careful that the cost Purchase of government currency It should be available on bank cards that are in your name. Also, at the time of visiting, remember that the maximum amount that can be withdrawn from each card by the machine is 50 million Tomans. As a result, divide the rial equivalent of the government currency in your two cards so that you don’t get into trouble.

Also remember that the exchange will refuse to accept cards whose holder information has been tampered with.

Additional points regarding the purchase of government currency:

How to buy government currency

Currently, it is not possible to buy government dollars, and instead, the equivalent of the government currency will be delivered to you. Also, according to the new rules of the central bank, the government currency quota has increased from 2000 euros to 2200 euros. Therefore, to buy government currency at the time of writing this article, you need an amount of about 65 million tomans.

Also, remember to divide this amount in two bank cards in your name so that you don’t face any problem due to the 50 million tomans transaction limit.

Another point that you should pay attention to is that the purchase of government currency is done only after 11:30 in the morning.

Which people are not able to receive quota currency?

How to buy government currency

The new rules that have been implemented to receive government currency are aimed at reducing the hands of dealers from buying quota currency. For this reason, brokers and people who do not actually need government currency or have not prepared the required documents, cannot receive government currency.

Also, people under 12 years of age and people who live outside of Iran are not allowed to buy government currency.


In this article, we discussed the purchase of government currency and reviewed the conditions for receiving government currency. We also announced the list of documents you need to receive government currency. Note that before purchasing government currency, prepare all the required documents and then proceed to receive government currency.

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