How to attract your crush

How to attract your crush

Attracting crushes or people you are interested in requires having certain behavioral and social skills that the more you improve in them, the more successful you will be in this direction. In this how-to article, we have mentioned the things you need for the stage of attracting your favorite person.

1. Communicate

How to attract your crush

Find an excuse to spend time with your crush. Being elusive, unapproachable and withdrawn are not factors that attract a person to you. Of course, you should pay attention to keep a balance in this work. Because socializing too much will not only not attract you to the desired person, but will also repel you from him.

There are many reasons and excuses to hang out with people. But if you have a relative knowledge of the person you are looking for and you know his concerns, you will definitely know what he is interested in. Get your hands on your crush's interests and find an excuse to hang out.

2. Correct contact when speaking

How to attract your crush

When your other party is talking to you (or in a group), listen well. Listening in itself is an indirect means of interest. A few steps will take you further to attract your crush. If you are in a group of friends or family and your crush is talking, listen carefully to what he is saying. Remember his words too. If you have an answer, express it in public. Remember to give him a clue of what he talked about in the next meeting and ask him about it.

Of course, note that your other party should not feel that you have extended your leg beyond your carpet. The most polite thing you can do in this regard is to ask a small question about the topic and start a discussion if the other person is interested in talking about it. Otherwise, it is recommended not to continue the discussion.

Look at your crush while talking to him. Do not steal your glance. Of course, you should also keep in mind that constant looks are not part of professional behavior. To attract your crush, you need to know when to look at him and when not to. For example, some people stare at the other side even when taking sugar and drinking tea, which will surely make that person repulse you.

3. Facial expression is important

How to attract your crush

Facial expression is considered one of the most important factors in attracting the person of interest or crush. Maybe many of us have lost many people from our close friends due to ignorance of this issue. Your facial expression should show your confidence. Note that self-confidence is very different from selfishness and it does not mean self-righteousness. The opposite way should receive high energy and optimism from you, which you can easily do with facial expressions. Of course, it is not possible to convey good and positive feelings to people with sullen and frowning facial expressions.

In addition to facial expressions, your body language should also indicate your confidence. Because your face will be attractive next to your body, and if you don't know this, you are lost. For example, keep your spine straight. A bent spine transmits the feeling of fatigue to the opposite side, so pay attention to it.

4. Do not speak ill of others

How to attract your crush

Another way to easily attract your crush is to avoid some negative traits and don't use them in your conversations. For example, all people know that gossiping about another person is a negative trait. Because, no person gets high energy from absenteeism and on the contrary, he sees it as a source of energy consumption in himself.

In addition, if you try to slander another person next to someone you have a so-called crush on, you lower your self-worth. By doing this, you will easily fall from the other party's eyes. A person who has self-esteem certainly talks about himself, thoughts and beliefs that are only related to him. Not to get a false value in front of another person by speaking ill of other people. In addition to this, your other party will somehow distrust you. Because he feels in his subconscious mind that maybe one day you will do something like this with him and talk behind his back.

5. Get help from mutual friends

How to attract your crush

Having a mutual friend between you and your crush is a bonus. So, it is better to use this privilege. Because people feel confident about their close friends. In other words, they accept the new planning more easily and make room in the other party's mind more easily.

in the end

Attractiveness and attraction of a loved one is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that cannot be easily commented on. Unless we are talking about very simple and common things that exist among the public. For example, we all fall in love with positive aspects of people. These are often the features that attract us to them. Negative behavioral and appearance characteristics will also repel us.

But if we go beyond these superficial and clich├ęd words, we will realize that every person feels deep needs in his existential structure. It often tends towards these needs. So we can't talk definitively about being attractive and attractive to our crush. Because the person we are interested in may be drawn to something that is not in us in his deep feelings and needs. Even though we have not made any mistakes in our behavior and have tried our best to attract the other party. To get more information, you can also benefit from the article on how to enter into a romantic relationship.

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