Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

Finally, after nearly 15 years, it became possible to buy and sell justice shares for its owners and shareholders. Equity shares have been in the news a lot lately. If you are one of those people who are subject to equity and want to know how you can manage your equity, this article will be very useful for you.

What is equity?

In 2015, following privatization, 49 companies, including 36 listed companies and 14 non-listed companies, transferred their shares. In fact, these shares were the privatization shares of state companies, a part of these shares were allocated to the families covered by the Imam Committee, the welfare organization, and unemployed fighters. Before this, the profit from equity shares was allocated to its owners in cash.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

To whom has the equity share been awarded?

In fact, those who were eligible for equity in 2015 were from the low-income strata of the country. At this time, 49 million Iranians had received equity shares that had been in the possession of the privatization organization until now, and as a result, there was no possibility of free access to it. In May of 2019, following the announcement of the leader of the Islamic Republic, the equity shares were released, and therefore the owners of these shares can release them. The release of equity shares means the possibility of management and control of equity shares by the shareholders themselves.

If you want to know that you are also subject to equity shares, do the following steps in order:

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market
Enter the site for equity shares.

1. Enter the samanese website.

First enter the system assigned to the address become

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market
Select login.

2. Enter the system.

When you enter the site, you will encounter such a page, choose to enter the system.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

3. Confirm the regulations.

Enable the system regulations check box and click on the continue option.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

4. Enter the national number.

In this section, by entering your national code and security code and clicking the continue option, you will be informed about the eligibility of Adat shares. If you have equity shares, you will enter the next page where your information will be displayed, and if you are not entitled to equity shares, you will encounter the following error.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market
If it is not included, you will get the following error.

It should also be noted that since 1994, it is not possible to register for equity shares.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market
Stock market board

Which companies include equity shares?

As it was said at the beginning, the companies including equity shares are 49 companies. The value of these shares is estimated at 490 thousand billion tomans, which is according to the list of the following companies:

Iran Aluminum, Iran Khodro, Tejarat Bank, Saderat Bank of Iran, Mellat Bank, Pars Switch, Bandar Oil Refinery, Tehran Oil Refinery, Shiraz Oil Refinery, Isfahan Oil Refinery, Tabriz Oil Refinery, Maroon Petrochemical, Post Bank, Chadormelo, Transportation Petrochemical, Saipa, Iran Industrial Development Investment, Investment, Darab Cement, Dashtistan Cement, Iran Alloy Steel, Khuzestan Steel, Isfahan Mobarake Steel, Iran Telecommunications Factories, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping, Gol Gohar, Iran Telecommunications, Iran Power Plant Project Management, National Iran Copper Industries, Niro Trans, Dana Insurance, Lavan Oil Refinery, Urmia Petrochemical, Bandar Imam Petrochemical, Bo Ali Sina Petrochemical, Biston Petrochemical, Tabriz Petrochemical, Khuzestan Petrochemical, Shahid Tand Goyan Petrochemical, Fajr Petrochemical, Jam Petrochemical, Iran Tobacco, Construction Dam and irrigation facilities or Sabir, and Alborz Industrial City, Rasht Industrial City, Shaheer Industrial City, Mega Motor and Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries.

How to release your equity?

After entering the system and ensure that you are eligible for equity, enter your information such as phone number and Shaba number. If you haven't received your dividend yet, you can start receiving the profit from your shares after entering the Shaba number.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market
Completed profile

If your profile is completed and authentication is successful, you will see an option called “Equity Release” in your information dashboard. You will have two ways to release your shares, which include direct investment and indirect investment. People should choose one of these two methods after releasing their shares.

Direct investment (entry of equity shares to the stock market)

In this method, maintaining, maintaining, managing the sale and investment of the allocated shares will be the responsibility of the owner of the shares, and the owner of the shares is responsible for performing all actions. Of course, in some activities, such as buying and selling, there are time and amount limits to prevent abuse by profiteers. If the shareholder chooses this method, he will have up to two months to refer to the Sejam system and verify his identity at reputable brokers and counter offices in order to be informed about his shares and find the possibility of managing them. By authenticating in Sejam, the shareholder will receive a code called the stock exchange code, which will enable the management of equity shares in traders.

In this method to get profit, just as the investment is the responsibility of the shareholder himself, receiving profit will also be done by taking profit from the owner of the stock. This means that people will receive the cash interest from the investment in the usual way, i.e. going to the bank or sending the shareholder form along with the account number to the company.

Indirect investment

In this investment method, management and ownership of equity shares will be entrusted to provincial investment companies. In this method, the shareholder will not have any interference in his shares and its management is the responsibility of the provincial shareholding, but what is clear is that in this method, a fixed profit will always be given to them through investing with people's shares. This method is suitable for those who do not have enough knowledge and skills in investing in the open market.

In the indirect method, in contrast to the direct method, there is no need for the direct actions of the shareholders, but the profit from the provincial investment will be deposited into the accounts of individuals annually.

Note that the selection of the release method will be possible only once, so be sure in your choice and then take action.

Provincial investment companies

As mentioned, provincial investment companies have provided the possibility of indirect investment for those interested. The provincial companies that are involved in stock exchange transactions are: Investment Company of Tehran Province, East and West Azerbaijan, Bushehr, Ardabil, South and North Khorasan, Khuzestan, Zanjan, Isfahan, Fars, Qom, Kurdistan, Golestan, Gilan, Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. , Central, Semnan, Hamedan, Yazd, Sistan and Baluchistan and Ilam.

Freeing equity shares and introducing them to the stock market

Sale of equity shares

Sale of Adalat shares is possible only through its release through direct investment method. But there is a point, that according to the provisions of the liberalization laws, the equity shares will not be released all at once. So it is not possible to sell in general at the moment. According to the framework announced by the stock exchange organization, up to 60% of it can be released and sold.

To sell this percentage, eligible people can go to the banks that belong to their Shaba number and sell their shares; Therefore, to control the pressure of buying and selling equity shares, the release will not be sudden and 100%, and it should be seen that this release will be released in a few sessions. To sell your equity shares, just go to your broker's website and sell your equity shares after entering the information. After these shares are sold, the brokerage will enter the amount of the shares into the registered account number.

Points to remember in selling equity shares.

In connection with the release and sale of equity shares, there are several points that are essential to know. The first point is that it will not be possible to transfer equity shares to your personal portfolio. Because the equity shares are separate from the personal shares purchased by you, and therefore you can sell them only from the equity share sales department in your brokerage.

The second point is that under no circumstances should you provide your national code and equity stock exchange code to profit-seeking people to make direct investments for you. If you do not have enough knowledge to invest, our suggestion is to choose investment in an indirect way. The third point regarding absentee registration is that the phone number entered must have a national code in the person's name, otherwise you will face problems in registration, and the last point is about the value of equity shares. This value and its price will be according to the daily market price, and because the companies offering shares are different from each other, as a result, the value of these shares will also be different. So the prices are not going to remain constant and the prices of stocks are different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we among the subjects of equity?

By referring to the internet address, all persons can view their invoices by entering their identity details, while knowing whether they are eligible for equity shares.

Which sections of the society have equity shares?

A list of people who have been eligible to receive equity shares in the last 10 years, along with the number of registered people of each of these classes, can be seen in the equity information database at under the “Justice Shares” menu.

Are deceased registrants still entitled to equity shares?

Yes sir; The final registrants in case of death are also among those responsible for equity shares, and their legal heirs can obtain the necessary information for further actions through the internet address and also refer to the selected offices of the government counter, available at the mentioned internet address, in relation to Divide and distribute the shares of the deceased person among his legal heirs.

What should be done if the stock membership card is lost?

This sheet has no value and use. Equity shareholders can find out about their membership status by visiting the website.

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